Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Questions and Answers

If someone leaves a comment with a question, I always try to email them with an answer.  There have been several the last few posts, so I thought I would answer in a post.(answers are in italics)

On Vogue 1197

Jeanette posted:
I love your new top! And, the smaller cowl. How much did you reduce it?

It is the cowl from the short sleeve view.

Sunfli posted:
The cowl on you doesn't look as low as on your "dummy" or on pattern envelope picture. I really like the neckline on you. Did you adjust that?

I did not adjust it, I do think you could take a 1-2" from the width of the cowl.  This would pull the neckline closer to the body.  I think it is close to a 1:1 ratio cowl to neckline.

On my McCall's Cape
Gail posted:
How easy would it be it make a lining for added warm and comfort?

It is very easy to add a lining, in fact, I there are one or two reviews on Pattern Review with some instructions. 
BTW, The gloves came from Coldwater Creek orginally $29.99 on sale for $9.99.
On My Image Carigan:
My Summer Touch posted:
Did it take long time to make?
It really didn't take long to make.  Buttonholes took the longest.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my garments, I really appreciate the comments and your time to post them.

Happy Sewing.

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