Monday, January 17, 2011

McCall's 5523 - Again

Here is the review of the first skirt and here is the blogpost from the first skirt.

Here is a highlight - I made a different view using fabric from Joann's,  a suiting with a bit of stretch.

I found while taking some pictures, this must be my colors, as I have several garments to wear with this skirt.  You will be sick of pictures after seeing all of them on this blogpost.

Here it is with a blouse, take a close look at the matching of the plaid on the front piece and side front pieces.  warning: You aren't going to see that in the back

Here is the back - the top part is matched fine - but the inset, guess who forgot to match the plaids!  Then not enough fabric to recut.

I decided to use some piping around the inset.  I am not sure if it is better or worse but I am sure I am leaving it. 

 Close-up of piping, and I see a thread I forgot to trim.
 then a cowl sweater that looks pretty good.
 Then my cardi-wrap and tshirt:
 Next a sweater
 the tshirt only with the skirt.  BTW, the skirt fits me much better, my dressform does not have a waist adjustment.  My waist is not this small, darn the luck :)

this might be my favorite, with the long sweater vest

Now to get past the inset non-matching issue and wear this skirt.

This isn't all the possibilities either, look what came today:

My order and I really must be hooked on these colors!


  1. Now that is a wonderful piece to add to your wardrobe - it's versatile and works with so many existing pieces in your closet AND it's in your favorite colors! Great job!

  2. Plaid is amazingly versatile. I like the piping effect.

  3. It's the plaid in the body of the skirt that get the most scrutiny, if you ask me. Yours match beautifully.

  4. I like it! The piping makes the mismatch look like it's not a mistake, and it's in the back so I wouldn't worry about it. You'll never see it and it will always be motion or when you're leaving. ;-)

  5. hey lori
    I love how you did all the styled versions of wearing your new skirt, the piping is great, I love plaid, its such a pulled together look

  6. Great looking skirt! The piping makes a neat design feature. I love the colors and combinations you came up with!

  7. Definitely a fun new skirt to add to your wardrobe. Love the colors too. Do you think this might work with the short, black, military jacket in the previous post? I think my favorite that you've shown is with the long sweater vest and the cowl sweater. But all the looks are nice. How versatile this piece is!

  8. Looking good! I see I'm not the only one in blogland with an affinity for plaid skirts.

  9. Certainly a very versatile skirt! The back looks cute.

  10. Great skirt! Get over the matching issue. YOU can't see your own back when you're wearing it, so it's not like it's staring you in the face. Others will probably not even notice, and what do you care what anyone else thinks anyway? Love the styling options - I should learn from you to play around with options in the closet when a new piece gets added.

  11. I love the skirt, so versatile! I know it's hard, but don't worry about the back. Like Debbie C said, you'll always be moving so I doubt anyone will notice. The piping is a fabulous touch.

  12. This skirt is so sharp. I love the accent you added by using the piping. Nice touch, and you have so much to go with it. Very nice.

  13. Great skirt Lori. I love the color combo, and how nice that you have so many options to wear with it. I like all the combos.

  14. What a great ensemble. I'm really trying to start "sewing with a plan" so I don't end up with a bunch of unmatched items. On a side note, I love how you knotted the ends of the cardigan. Great idea!