Thursday, June 24, 2010


At my house, Erin (daughter #2) and I play lots of Scrabble, it is her favorite game.  Two weeks ago, I bought a new version of the game.  The board turns  360 degrees, storage for all the tiles and the board is indented so your letters won't move all around.   We have played several games on the new board and it is great. 

I thought I would take the tiles and put them in a glass jar to display but Erin had another idea. She wanted to make something with the board she grew up on playing Scrabble, said it cannot be thrown away.

First she needed a saying, so she searched for one and being an athletic and very competitive, she chose
" Pain is Temporary, Quitting Lasts Forever"
This took sometime to arrange and place all the letters, in fact, this was the second choice because the first wouldn't work with the provided letters.

We bought a larger artist canvas, spray painted it and then Gorilla Glue did the rest.  She glued the letters on the board and then the board to the canvas.

Here it is :

Side view:

She is very excited for this to go in her new apartment.  Me?  I am thrilled and touched she wanted to create this piece of artwork to remember the fun we have had.

I bet you want to know who wins, well she does 90% of the time.  She is a strategy player and works for the points and doesn't spell a word if it is going to give the opponent a triple word score.  The few times I do win, then another game has to be played immediately, I told you she was competitive!

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  1. I'm playing scrabble on my ipad right now. So fun.

  2. JR and I LOVE to play Scrabble! We have the same deluxe board that you just got! Our best board, though was one that one of our kids got us several years floated so we could play it in the hot tub!

  3. I lurk far more than I post, but that saying is PERFECT and it will definitely be going up in my sewing room! Now to find an equally as creative was to display it as your daughter has. Many thanks to you for sharing!

  4. I love the scrabble board design. The flowers are gorgeous too!

  5. What a FUN piece of art! I am impressed! Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Anonymous1:26 PM

    This is completely awesome!

  7. Adorable!
    I'm a big scrabble fan, too :)
    When I was pregnant with my daughter (now 8) I spelled out ""We're having a baby" on the scrabble board to tell my parents that we were pregnant. So fun!

  8. Found you on Today's Creative Blog. My gramma LOVED Scrabble. I saved her set after she died so I could do something with it to commorate her but didn't know what. Using a favorite quote is a perfect idea! Thanks for the inspiration!