Friday, June 25, 2010

Flowers in Old Tool Box

Yesterday I brought the flowers into the house.  I soaked some florist foam and lined the inside of this old tool box with foil, so the foam wouldn't leak onto my table.  Outside to cut all sorts of beautiful flowers.  Here is the result and it smells so wonderful inside my house:

A close up of the hydrangea, my favorite flower of this summer:

Genia asked about dividing hostas and waiting until after they bloom.  I seperate mine early in the spring and summer while the ground is still moist and the weather is cooler.   I think as long as you are not going to experience a hot, dry spell you could seperate them and give them plenty of water.  I had a neighbot seperate all her daylilies for me after hers bloomed.   I cannot believe the size of these daylilies this year and it is their second summer at my house.  Hope that helps. 

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  1. Oh I LOVE the tool box holder you chose! I wish I could smell your flowers too. They look amazing.


  2. JoanneM6:24 AM

    Oh my word Lori. These are wonderful. More pictures! I bet the smell is lovely.

    Do you have any tips for peonies? I transplanted some last year and this year they did nothing?! They are temperamental but a I felt cheated this season!

  3. Wow! This arrangement is beautiful! Almost makes me want a yard...almost...*LOL* I guess I'll just keep my balcony full of flowers but these are just so beautiful.

  4. All around, beautiful. I'm envious of those flowers :).

  5. What gorgeous flowers, the combination of colours and shapes is lovely! Your house and garden must be looking so beautiful at this time of the year.

  6. Connie (Grandma C)1:09 PM

    I have really been enjoying the pics of your garden over the season and the years and can't believe the difference - it is really evolving into something gorgeous!
    Here's a gardening question for you. Someone asked about separating hostas. I have two beautiful Peony plants that bloom wonderfully every year but they've been in the same place for so long (one was here when we moved to this house over 20 years ago!!). I know peonies don't like to be moved, but my backyard flower bed needs a total makeover (as I said 20++ years) Any tips on separating/moving these beautiful plants would be much appreciated.