Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden Pictures

We went to Oklahoma last Wednesday through Sunday.  The weather here was wet and hot, I was surprised to see how much my flowers had grown in a few days.  I have been busy weeding and catching up around here.  It was cloudy for a bit, so I took some pictures.

After the daylilies bloom this year, I need to seperate many of them and fill in the empty areas in the flower beds.

I like this picture and this flower:

Now my favorite shot of the day.  Erin is helping on the farm this year and this picture is a blast from the past.  She always went with her daddy to work with him and this was the way she dressed.  Shorts and her cowboy boots.  Some things stay the same.


  1. DanainDFW6:51 AM

    Shorts and boots make for a very different "farmer's tan" than usual. ;^) Your garden looks great!

  2. Beautiful pictures. No deer or bunnies to eat your plants like they do here?
    And the shorts and boots- very shi shi! My girls would approve!

  3. Lori, your garden always looks great (and makes me green with envy!). Love the cowboy boots/shorts pics. I think I have some of Tyler in that same outfit when he was little. ;-)

  4. Lori, your garden is perfectly lovely!

  5. Genia4:53 AM


    I could sit and stare at your flowers all day - beautiful.
    Your post answered a question I have had regarding breaking up the day lilies. Can I ask? Waiting until after blooming, does that work for hostas too? Mine are too big.
    Love the shorts and boots!

  6. Lori, the gardens are beautiful..thank you for sharing. I wish we could share our daylilies!