Saturday, April 03, 2010

Guest Room Redo

Well, as many of you know my oldest got married last summer.  Now I have an official guest room.  It is so nice to have a guest room.

I didn't change the wall color, I like blue and the walls are a pretty shade of blue.  I did buy a cream dust ruffle, two pillow shams and two yards of fabric for the redo.  The rest is things moved from different parts of my house.

so here is the before.  I like this quilt, made it last fall but right now I just feel it is too busy.  Check out the lamp, it changes later too.

Here it is after, the new shams, a white-on-white quilt my mom made years ago and she wasn't using.  Then the quilt on the end of the bed is one I made her for her birthday in 1989 and she wasn't using it right now either.   I made the three decorative pillows, more on those later.

Here is a different view of after, the room is small, so hard to shoot around a queen size bed.

Now to the dresser before, okay but not quite what I wanted.

After, items from other rooms in my house:

Here is a close-up of my dad and his siblings (the black and white photo on the dresser).  My dad is on the left, aren't they cute:

Next to the lamp.  The lamp shade had a gold ribbon around the top and bottom.

I took painted the gold trim to blue and made a burlap flower from this tutorial Used one of the lamps from the dresser.  The frame I had spray painted it heirloom white, hot glued cream burlap to the frame, painted a small wooden piece the same blue from the lampshade.

The room had a chest of drawers, but now I don't need the storage in the room, so I moved it out.  I had this chair:

Needed to be recovered, so I took the fabric, taped off a couple of straight lines and used the same blue paint from the lampshade:

Here is the chair after:

Lastly, the new decorative pillows.  My local quilt shop had the great egg fabric, so Pottery Barn and perfect colors for this room.  The middle pillow, is muslin with ribbon tied around it like a package and another burlap flower.

I am so pleased with the redo of this room.  I didn't spend alot of money and the room just has a more peaceful look.

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  1. Your room redo is wonderful! I love the restful colour scheme.

    I am now officially in love with the egg fabric you used for the pillows. Any chance you can give me some info on it so that I can try to track some down for myself? TIA.

  2. Very pretty! I would never have thought to paint the trim on the lampshade but it looks great. The chair too. The egg fabric is perfect for your room. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks really great! Great redo.

  4. Great redo.I love the serenity of the blue.Just invite the guests!

  5. I managed to find some of the egg fabric on eBay. Can't wait to make some pillows of my own!

  6. LOVE IT LORI!! I am sewing with a piece off the SAME bolt of egg fabric at the moment, I decided this afternoon, I had time to make a table cloth for my dining room table, wish I was as faithful a blogger, maybe the picture will end up on mine or there's always facebook!!! When you get done at your place come on over mine could use a little help! :)
    Kathy Hasekamp

  7. Your room looks beautiful. Very inviting.

  8. Someone is going to feel very special sleeping in that beautiful room. Lucky them.

  9. The new room looks so warm and cozy. Very nice!

  10. very pretty! can you come to my house and redo my bedroom? i want to spruce it up a bit before my surgery. if i am going to be stuck in there for weeks, i want it to be pretty.

  11. This guest room redo looks so peaceful and serene. Sounds like you had fun doing it too!

  12. What a beautiful guest room! You have such a wonderful talent for making a room look lovely and welcoming.

  13. Those are the best kind of make overs, when they don't cost a lot of money.

  14. So pretty! I love the accessories and the pillows on the bed. It looks so put together and beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!


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