Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sewing a Trench Coat

I started working on a trench coat for me, from some $1.95 Vera fabric but first I went to Anthropologie for inspiration and I found this cute trench:

On Saturday, I saw this trench in person on a cute 20-something girl shopping in Lowe's.  I commented to the twins, look at that cute trench.  Kaitlyn responds, it looks like shingles! I don't think that at all but isn't it funny what she thinks?  It might have been a response from being in a home improvement store but today she said the same thing.  BTW, it is a darling trench with wonderful buttons, we ran into her several times in Lowe's and I kept staring at the jacket.

I looked at several of my BWOF for a pattern and then my Big 4 patterns.  Finally, I went to my four Ottobre Women magazines, and decided on this one from  2/2006.  The fabric is cut (not the lining), the interfacing fused and one of the pockets is stitched into place. 

I am planning on making two coats this spring, this trench and then I have a beautiful pink and cream Nanette Lepore fabric from a coop a couple years back.  I am thinking about a short trench from that fabric.  I don't know what it is about coats/jackets, but I really like making them and I have a closetful of these type of garments.

Today, the twins and I went to my brother's house for a short visit.  It was a great time and after we left their house, went to a nearby mall.  The twins found some things at Charlotte Russe (a store we dont' have in our mall).  Me?  I had no luck and commented on this fact.  Kaitlyn states, "aren't you glad you sew?"  Yes, Kaitlyn I am so happy I sew.


  1. Keep us posted on the progress of your trench. I'm intimidated by the thought of sewing outerwear and you will be my inspiration!

  2. I really like this trench coat pattern! (As well as the Anthropologie inspiration....) I look forward to seeing your version.

  3. Now that is a trench totally luv the layering. Looking forward to your progress posts.

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