Monday, March 15, 2010

Not this Trench

What is it they say - best laid plans?  Well, this pattern- fabric isn't going to happen.  I cut a size 38 and it is huge - take a look here:

The pattern is double breasted - but I can take the front edge and meet up with the side seam.  Plus, the fabric just isn't me, one good thing I bought it at $1.95 a yard - so it was a good muslin. Wadder and all.

I put it on a few minutes ago and told hubby, I was going to throw it away.  He said, let me look.  I did and he grinned.  I said it looks like a bathrobe, he replies a Las Vegas bathrobe!

Off to the next jacket but first I have to look through my patterns.

The girls have a spring concert tonight.  Meredith is playing a solo on her cello, fingers crossed for her.  It is a very long piece and one she will be playing at contest next week.  I will be nervous but Meredith will be much more nervous.


  1. Ouch...thanks for the heads up.

  2. Oh, that's too bad! I hate going through all the work only to have things not fit.

    I hope Meredith did well last night, too. :)

  3. Oh boy....... :-(
    Maybe you could salvage some of the fabric for a vest? pillows? slicing it up into little bits might make it more palatable. (I have this fabric, now I'm worried LOL!)
    Hope all went great for Meredith!

  4. Oh how sad. I hope you can turn it into something useful. Cute idea about the LV bathrobe.
    I hope the concert went well. We have a little violinist (6 yr. old)in the house...hours of practice = beautiful music for a lifetime.

  5. Bummer! I'm using the other side of that fabric to make a little sheath dress for Annie. I *think* it's going to be something she'll actually wear, but we'll see.

  6. Sorry but have to agree with you. Toss it. I made myself a jacket a couple of years ago that looked like a bathrobe. I wore it to work once and my son says couldn't find your jacket and wore your bathrobe. That did it for me. Never wore it again. ha ha

  7. Awww bummer that the trench didn't workout and was looking forward to it. Like the others said salvage the fabric to make something else.

    I'm sure the trench was forgotten as soon as your daughter started her performance and sure it was a success.

  8. Got to just love husband humor!I'm sure the next coat will be fantastic.

  9. Oh yes! I glorious Vegas Smoking Jacket!
    Sad face.

  10. I hope you can turn it into something useful. Cute idea about the LV bathrobe.
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