Friday, March 19, 2010

If I First You Don't Suceed.....

try, try again.  Right?

So I am making this jacket, BWOF 11/2006 #109.  Except in a lightweight fabric for spring.

The technical drawing:

I have the outside almost completed, just the beltloops and belt to finish.  Thanks to this wonderful book

making the notch collar was so much easier.  Plus, great results.  This book might be a bit dated with the styles of the jackets but the information is wonderful.  I am a visual learner and the photographs in this book are wonderful.  You can buy it here at Amazon if you might be interested.

Anyone else cleaning out their sewing room?  Spring is here a bit, although snow tomorrow but today it was almost 70 degrees.  Well, that has gotten me inspired to clean up my sewing room.  I don't have much of a fabric stash but I do have magazines, lots of magazines.  I went through my BWOF and kept the ones, I really liked.  The rest I sold on Pattern Review's classified.  Next up a couple of Jalies, some Big 4 patterns and I am going to list my Topkids (a magazine from Australia for kids clothing, similar to Ottobre, it is no longer in publication).  It feels good to declutter, plus it gives me some extra cash to buy fabric!

Meredith did a fabulous job on her solo, very proud parent moment.  Thanks for all the comments for her, I appreciate it.


  1. I LOVE the style of that jacket. I don't have that issue of Burda (I haven't been sewing that long) but I wish I did. I love the belt and the wonderful shaped pockets. I'm looking forward to seeing yours when it's done.

  2. That's a wonderful looking jacket. I look forward to seeing the finished version!

  3. Linda T1:59 PM

    Yep, it is time to clean out the area beside my bed of all the magazines. It will take a bit of time to save out the articles and pictures I haven't saved out before but it has to be I can start collecting all over again. hehehehe

    The Studio isn't too bad, it just needs some dusting.

    Vernon Fashion Studio

  4. I can't wait to see your finished jacket! I need to clean my sewing room, too.

  5. I look forward to seeing the finished version!
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