Sunday, November 01, 2009


I had every intention of starting my wool pea coat, started to organize all my supplies. I had one key missing supply, interfacing! I placed an order with Pam of Sew Exciting and it came on Saturday. I am back in the fashion sewing business.

In the meantime, I had time plenty of time to sew this week and here is what I accomplished:

A variation of a Jelly Roll Bag pattern. I really like the colors of this bag, so soft. I added the applique embroidery with my machine.

Close-up of the embroidery:

Used a bit more of the same fabric grouping:

I have a quilt book with a variation of this bag. I used it as a jumping off point, and made this one, it is very, very big:


used the scraps from my quilt:

I was to teach a class with the Bungalow Bag pattern, so I made the bag again. The class only had one student, so I didn't have the class but I am very pleased with this purse.

Also on the sewing front:

I hemmed the twins' orchestra dresses tonight, not a fun project. Recovered a window seat cushion, sewed binding on a quilt and cut out a knit top.
I don't think I will have time to sew this week, we are going to do some painting in the family room, work on the stairs and flooring. This project really needs to be done and Mike has some great ideas for the room, so I am very anxious to start.


  1. I think I might start making bags to get rid of my growing scrap box. Great presents for all the birthday parties my daughters go to.

  2. Wow, you make the most beautiful purses! :)

    And I always wondered what one did with those jelly rolls... Now I know! ;)

  3. Those are wonderful bags. I wonder if you keep them or sell them? I love making bags. It's one thing you don't have fit issues with! One size fits all!

  4. Your bags are fabulous! Love the idea of using jelly rolls.

  5. Such pretty bags! I also love how your bathroom turned out. It's always such a great feeling to update something and make you love your home all over again (at least that is how it goes for me).

  6. Pretty bags! You seem to make a lot of pretty bags. Do you keep all of them or do you sell some? I have some upholstery fabric waiting to become a bag. It's currently being well loved by my cat as she's taken to sleepin on it during the day. It's in a box located in my temporary sewing room. I can't wait for that to be done so everything has a place!

  7. Very pretty bags! You are a busy lady!

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