Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Kaitlyn and Meredith are going to a friend's house for Halloween, there will be a group of friends handing out candy and watching scary movies. This will be a treat for my girls, as we live in the country and never have trick-or-treaters. I think they will have a great time seeing all the kids in their cute costumes. Now, hubby and I have to find something to do. Maybe I can get a friend to invite me to their house in town!

Kaitlyn found this Halloween cake idea and wanted to make it for the party. Very cute cake, made from two bundt cakes.

The stem is a marshmallow dyed with green cake frosting tint.

Here is the front:

The twins and I are participating in a 5K tomorrow morning, the Happy Harvest Run. My friend, who owns the quilt shop sponsors this event. This is the second year and she has doubled the number of participants. It will be very fun.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween,


  1. We live rural too, so don't have the tricksters. Clever jack-o-lan tern cake! Have a great Halloween with your husband. Make some popcorn--watch scary movie!

  2. Great cake! Have fun this evening.

  3. Really cute cake! Just helped pass out candy and trick or treat with the grands--busy neighborhood! Ours is pretty dull with age restrictions, etc.

  4. She did a great job! I bet they had fun giving out the candy. We hardly had any trick or treaters growing up, too. Just the neighborhood kids as we got driven around the neighborhood by mom. Ah, the memories!