Friday, March 27, 2009

I Have Been Busy

Making a purse:

cute ruffle

This chair has been moving around my house. It is in my 19 yo dd's room now and it isn't to her liking or mine. We are trying to redecorate this room a bit. After she moved to college, one of the twins switched her rooms. The paint color in Erin's room is fine, just the bedding is very young teenage girlish. I want the room to be inviting and welcoming for Erin on weekends, so she picked out a brown bedding set. Looks great with the red walls, especially after I make a few pillows to tie the two colors together! Back to the chair, the toille like fabric just she isn't her. So off came the fabric, which I kept for a pattern for the new fabric.

Then outside on one of our few decent days, new spraypaint color. So here is during:

Then after, a brown and white zebra fabric from Sew Mama Sew, a Sis Boom fabric by Jennifer Paganelli. I am loving this look, perfect for a cool 19 year old. A dreary day with no natural light so the picture doesn't show how wonderful this chair looks. This is the first time I ever upholstered anything, I am pleased, especially the matching of the pattern. I have just a bit left, possibly enough for a pillow front.
It is rainy and yucky today, so lacking natural light for great picture but this will give you the idea:

I have been making purses for my friend's shop. They sell better if the display is full and she has been selling quite a few.

Pastel one:

Cherry fabric, vintage looking (this one sold the day I took it in)

Close-up of handles:

I tried a different style, not sure I like it but everyone has different tastes so we will see.

My favorite and 19 yo dd's favorite, so if it doesn't sell, then it will have a home. The colors are vibrant and the early morning darkness doesn't help the colors.

I made 4 other purses and forgot to take pictures. Also, sewed binding on Meredith's new quilt for her room. I have to make shams and then I will get pictures of that, it is darling, she is so proud of it.

Now off to record a podcast, look for it later this weekend. Finally, right?

Then off to the quilt shop for a sewing studio night. Sewing from 5 to 11 pm with food and prize drawings. I am going to work on some class samples for the summer and possibly work on a quilt for my bed. This fabric came into her shop this week and I so like it.


  1. Wow-I guess you HAVE been busy! Your purses are really cute. It looks nice and warm where you are. Very spring-like.

  2. What a busy bee you have been.
    Your days must have 72 hours! Definitely

  3. Wow, Lori, you sure are productive. Nobody makes cuter purses than you.

  4. You make wonderful purses but the chair! *sigh* The chair is AWESOME!!!

  5. Wow, you have been busy. That chair looks great. I have a couple I want to recover but they need the springs fixed too!

  6. Everything looks great. Love the last pink purse.

  7. Love your purses! The chair is fantastic!

  8. Very cute purses! I want to learn how to re upholster furniture!!! GORGEOUS!

  9. wowzee! Your sewing machine must be smokin' !

    The purses are just gorgeous..and that chair is FABULOUS !!!!!

  10. Thank you for peeking in on my blog.

  11. The chair looks fantastic. Love it. The purses are cute. Like both pieced bags. My daughter is getting married this summer too. I'm making her dress, my dress and one bridesmaid dress. Of which none are even started. My other daughter is making her dress and six flower girl dresses. Are you making your daughters dress?

  12. I would love that first cute! All of them are so nice, and hopefully you will get them all sold straight away. Great job on the chair, too. It's a great way to save old chairs. I have one in my room that my parents probably got when I was a baby. I have reupholstered it twice now.

  13. You have been busy indeed!!! Great projects, everything looks great!