Friday, March 20, 2009

Questions answered Thanks and 3 months from Today

Sorry for the delay but please let me thank you for all the kind comments on the tunic.

Here is some questions you asked in the comments:

Nancy K asked:

The blouse is lovely, but the pattern calls for jersey, did you make fit changes to accommodate your woven fabric?

I did not make any changes and I was lucky. I had my garment cut out when I read the suggested fabrics, not a great move. I was a bit nervous while sewing and as soon as the side seams were stitched, I tried it on. Whew, tunic was fine.

Lindsay T asked:

Cute tunic, Lori. How's the fit? Blousy or slim fit?

It is more of a slim fit, Lindsay. I think you could eliminate the drawstring and have a slim fit tunic.

Christina asked:

Does your regular Burda size work for you in a woven? It looks like it would because it's blousey.

I did use my regular size and it is more slim fitted, so you could adjust the sizing for more of a blousey look.

Now the reason for my blogging absence. Three months, yes, only THREE months from today is my daughter's wedding. How did that happen so quickly?

The weather has turned very nice here and I have been outside working in all my flower beds. Not only cleaning but thinning out some perennials. Then that leads to new mulch and more flowers. Today I get to clean up all the piles of debris! The reception is going to be here, in a rented tent with a dance floor. My mom keeps teasing me, "you know you are having a wedding reception here?" Last weekend, I painted 2 bathrooms. Yes, I do know.

This weekend, the bride is coming home. Her wedding dress is in, so a fitting tomorrow. I can't wait to see my beautiful daughter in her gown, yes, I will bring tissues. Then a trip to Joann's to look for fabric, I am making the dresses for the twins. They will be the candlelighters.

I need to get a podcast out, too. I have not been very good at that this year, sorry. My plate has been very full and it could be getting fuller.

Oh, yes, today is the first day of SPRING, hurray. It has been a long winter. This will be blooming in my yard soon.
Doesn't it look wonderful?


  1. Thanks for the answer.

    How wonderful that the reception will be at your house - more special memories for your home.

  2. You do, indeed, have a lot on your plate. Good luck with your plans for the wedding.

  3. but what a fun kind of busy! enjoy all the planning and preparation.


  4. How exciting! Your garden will be beautiful by then.

  5. I am sure you are enjoying all the preparations. Remember to take care of yourself though so you don't run yourself down -- MOB has to look beautiful too! :-)

  6. Beautiful shot of your tree! I'm sure your yard will look just beautiful for the reception. Love that tunic below, too. Sounds like we were both painting fiends this weekend. ;)

  7. You are amazing, Lori! I miss your podcast, but totally understand the reason for the break from it. You'll have to post some wedding photos and tell us about the candlelighters' dresses when you have time again. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. You certainly do have a lot on your plate! 3 mos is just going to fly by, but what an exciting time!