Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vests and Surprises and Birthdays and Christmas Decorations

Okay, the surprise first. Meredith (dd #3) made this quilt for Erin's (her sister and dd#2) Christmas and Birthday (New Year's Day). It is a surprise and I have been sneaking around trying to finish the binding. Erin came home for semester break on Tuesday, which was the same day the we picked up the quilt from the machine quilter. Orange is Erin's favorite color and Meredith worked hard on this quilt. It is a Take Five pattern. I will get better pictures after Christmas and in the daylight.

Next a sweater vest for Meredith from the leftover bits from my tunic. The pattern is on old Lizzie McGuire pattern and it was a tank top. I just cut one size larger, turned under the edges and coverstitched. Meredith is thrilled with her vest and received many compliments today.

Speaking of Meredith, I need to add Kaitlyn's name and wish them a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, they are 14 today!! Last night I asked them to stay 13 for one more year but they wouldn't agree.
Finally, a bit of Christmas decorations. I only had the white tree in my kitchen and it needed some company. I added a jar with some balls and greenery. Hung the JOY ornament on the white tree, sat Santa on the cake stand and added the table runner. Yea, my kitchen looks much more festive.

Off to spend some quality time with my birthday girls.


  1. This quilt looks gorgeous. What a fantastic gift from one sister to another.
    Hope your twins had a great birthday :)

  2. what a sweet sister! the quilt is the bright colors.

    happy b'day to the twins.

  3. Oh, that is so nice! I used to make things for my sisters when I was a teen, but nothing as nice as this quilt. Good job, Meredith!

  4. The quilt is gorgeous! What a special gift! Happy Birthday to the girls! I'm sure they have so much fun together! I love Christmas decorations!

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughters and you!

    The quilt looks great, a wonderful keepsake to treasure forever.

  6. Happy birthday to your pretty young daugthers. :-) Tell M that she did a very nice job on the quilt.

  7. What a great sister Meredith is! Erin will love that quilt. And a very happy birthday to Meredith and Kaitlyn :)

  8. Gorgeous quilt, adorable vest, and happy birthday to the girls!!! Sorry they won't stay 13, but my kids don't want to stay their current ages either. :-(

  9. Happy birthday to your girls. (or belated birthday, I should say). Hope they had a great day!

    Love your decorations, too. That quilt is so pretty. Sure to be a well loved present. She did a great job!