Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sewing, Cleaning and Flowers

Graduation is 11 days away. Here is my to-do list
  1. Spring cleaning, 4 rooms done, 3 to go.
  2. Windows to wash
  3. Front porch to clean
  4. Plan the Graduation party menu
  5. Sew my dress, I do have a pattern in mind.
  6. Feed 14 on Friday night, pasta dinner to give the track athletes energy for the sectional meet.
  7. Record a podcast.
  8. Plus all the other end-of-school activities
  9. Move college daugther to the city for her summer internship.

I think that is it for now, I am sure I will be adding to that list.

I have been getting up early a few mornings to sew. Currently, I am working on BWOF 1/2008, #108. I have made #107 and it is very similar. I plan to enter this blouse in the Yahoo Group, Creative Machine's blouse contest. My very first ever contest!

We have had plenty of rain, every few days. Great for my garden, not so good for the farmers in our area needing to get in the field. As I was spring cleaning, I looked at my garden, while it was raining.

This rose bush and garden phlox is growing by the minute. A couple of weeks ago, the garden angel was taller than the plants, now it is hidden.

A spring bloomer:


  1. Wow! Any one of those tasks could take 4 or 5 days and you have only 11 days to do it all. I would do away with the spring cleaning and cleaning the front porch. I have a daughter graduating and I also have a party to plan. You're way ahead of me, though. Congrats to the mom of the graduate!

  2. You sound very busy! Love the garden pictures. We have been getting a good amount of rain, too. The hubby can't mow the water logged backyard yet, so when it dries it will be quite the hayfield!