Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Skirt, I Feel Better

My wadder has been saved, I feel much better about the project and my fabric.

I added darts to the back of the skirt, used the black waistband from the dress as the facing for the skirt and that was it.

My skirt in a dressy outfit:

Red knit tunic - more casual, you don't see the welts here:

Very casual and summery.

The welts do hang better on my body, they are hitting at the end of the dressform and it is making them look a bit funny.

I am off to sew a bit, working on a blouse for the blouse contest on the Creative Machine email list on Yahoo. I cut it out last night and the deadline is May 12th.


  1. The skirt looks great! I really like it with the red top.

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Great save! I like the way the skirt looks with the red top - it's so striking together.

  3. Yes, I think this was a great save. Looks good with all of the tops.

  4. Well done, Lori!