Saturday, August 25, 2007

McCall's 5468 - not my style

It looks cute on the pattern envelope but not on my body.

Pattern Reveiw:


Misses' Dress and Jumper


6 to 20 - I made a 10, the bodice still is big.


They were fine


No likes on this one.

Onto the dislikes:

It is the style but on my all I could think of was matronly! The collar, where it hits my waist (did add my usual 1" on the bodice), it looks too much at the waist. I don't know - I love the fabric but not in this dress. Too much gathering on the skirt, the ties are too heavy on the side seams to hang correctly. The ties want to pull the side seams down. I did cut out and sew 2 pieces for each tie, the instructions call for you just to turn under but on a knit with the print only on one side you will have the wrong side showing.
Here is the dress on me:
See what I mean?
Knit from Gorgeous fabric
What did I change?
Well, everything. I thougth do I want a dress hanging in my closet I will never wear, or do I want to fix it right now. Fixing it won out. I went to anthropologie for inspiration. Found some tops with elastic at the waist, some contrasting trim and I went to work.
The collar went bye-bye. I took off the skirt and made it smaller, no more gathers, just two pleats on the front. I found a black knit shirt in my closet, no longer wear that one. So, I added the 1/2" binding at the neckline and then the trim between the skirt and the waistband. The ties were also eliminated. I stitched some channels in the waistband and added 2 rows of elastic to help with the waist.
Here is the new tunic on me- side view:
The front view on my dressform:
I might add a bow/tie from the black at the center front of the waistband. It needs it to blend the neckline binding and the lower trim.
Would I sew it again?
Not my style of dress, I think I am more of a skirt/ top gal. I like my top much better than the dress, don't love it but I will wear it.
I am sure this is a gorgeous dress on the right body type, but check the bodice width and all those gathers on the skirt. Also, if your fabric is busy, the collar doesn't get noticed.

It is out of here.....

Thursday's game, Erin hit a 3 -run home run. Over the fence, way over the fence!!! Her team won 5-0, she did allow 2 hits but it was a shut-out.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Onion 2017

Pattern Review:

Tunic style top or dress, tie back, sleeve variations. For a knit fabric only.

Pattern sizing:
XS to XL - I made a Small

Easy to follow with the English version. I bought my Onion patterns on their Website and they mail you the actual pattern. If the pattern is marked English, then the English instructions will be emailed to you in a pdf file. The instructions are easy to follow and very helpful for cutting out and construction.

***NOTE: You do need to add seam allowances and hem allowances.

Likes and dislikes:

Likes first

  • the shape - tunic style with out the pregnant look
  • neckline - flattering neckline but not too low
  • dress option - always nice to have the dress option
  • great fitting pattern
  • I love Onion's website - they show actual garments with the pattern, great for inspiration and you can see how an actual garment will look.
  • I wasn't sure about the cuff on the sleeve but I think this will be nice for work - keep a loose sleeve from getting in my way.


  • none really - maybe another sleeve variation but I can draft that myself. Just thougth I neede some dislike


Knit from Gorgeous Fabric

What did I change?

I added my usual 1" to the bodice. That was about it for changes. My ties is a bit narrower, I just had a scrap of solid black knit.

Will I sew it again?

That would be a big YES! I love this on me and I will probably try the dress - long sleeves and maybe a bit of a bell shape.


Try Onion patterns if you haven't they are quite nice. This is a great top and I am going to love wearing it.

Can you say perfect?

My 17 year old daughter can, she pitched a perfect game in the season opener. No hits, no walks, no runs - hurray for her. We won 4-0. She should be so proud of her hard work and dedication, her father and I sure are. What a way to start your senior season!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I lied, so sorry, but this project just took my attention. It is an Anthropologie top and I love the look, variation on a simple t-shirt.

Here is my version, fabric from Fashionista Fabrics and I used Simplicity 4076

Here is the sleeve, I adjusted the sleeve length and then didn't narrow the sleeve from the armsyce. I cut my band 2-1/2" wide and 11" long (the width of the sleeve at my length without any widening). I ran a basting stitch and gathered the sleeve to fit the band.

The bodice - this was front only. I drew a line on the side notches of my pattern. The notches were above the waist, as you can tell. I then traced this piece and added width to the bottom of the new bodice piece. I cut the bottom front and added seam allowance to this piece. I gathered the bodice to match the bottom front piece. I tried to have most of my gathers in the middle to match the gathers on the neckline. I did not change the back.

I am so pleased with my new top, something for early fall. I am also pleased because I am thinking outside the pattern and making changes to really make it my own.

Speaking of being your own designer - I just bought the Sew Stylish Magazine Fall 2007, it is great. Changing a basic pattern with designer details - talk about enabling. Really helpful and eye-opening.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

On the cutting table

This will be used for Onion 2017 The link will get you to the Onion website, type 2017 in the search field, I couldn't get the picture to post on the blog. I am going to add some solid black knit to the neckline trim and the waist.

Simplicity 3874 Complete

Pattern Review

Misses' dress with bodice variations and jacket

Pattern sizing:
8 to 24, I made a 12, should have made a 10 in the bodice. Two years ago I lost 15 pounds and kept it off (hurray) but I still have a hard time with sizes. Knits - always go down a size when it is a woven pattern, at least that is my conclusion.

Very good with the lining process and attaching the casing.

Likes and dislikes:
I like the style on the pattern envelope but not sure on me- my body shape is "H", straight up and down, little waist definition or athletic, whatever you want to call it. I don't think this is extremely flattering. IMHO, I need the casing more at my waistline - Opinions?

I do like the cool style - cool as in fabric and cool as in not hot. It was 103 today, and excessive heat warnings for the next 4 days. I love my dress for this weather.

Knit from Gorgeous Fabrics

What did I change?
A knit fabric so the zipper went bye-bye! I added 1" to the bodice and then took 3" off the length.

What I should have changed?
First, don't get so excited to start a project without checking the Pattern Review website for other's opinions. I would have read the bodice is big and the neckline to high. Slow down, Lori (note to self).

Would I sew it again?
Probably not, unique design and not sure it is me.

A fun dress from the dog days of summer. It does need heels and jewelry to spice it up. As one review stated, it can be a bit dowdy. The bodice is a bit big but I can readjust the cinched tie to distribute the gathers for a better look, I needed to do that before I snapped the picture.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Next Project

This Pattern

This fabric

BWOF - Finally Finished

Burda World of Fashion 5/2007, Blouse 113, fabric eyelet from Gorgeous Things.

Pattern Review:

Blouse with contrasting trim, belt loops and belt.

Pattern sizing:
38 to 46, I made a 40, it is a bit big.

Did it turn out like I wanted and like the picture?
Yes, even better, I love the classic navy and white.

Pretty good, really, especially for BWOF.

Likes and dislikes:
I loved the style of the blouse and all the details. The dislike - one - it took me so darn long to finish it.

Navy eyelet from Gorgeous Fabric. Sorry, it is sold out!

What did I change?
Well, it calls for bias binding, I used piping. I omitted the piping from the front placket and had to make some changes to sew in the piping on the yoke, sleeve hems, belt loops, etc. I ran out of piping, took forever to get to Joann's for more. Only the belt left for the piping, guess what ran out again, I had a bit of Wright's piping in cream, pulled out the cording, used some bias binding and made my one piping for the last 12 inches!!

I used navy organza for the interfacing and found this Handling Eyelet by Ann (Gorgeous Things) it was very helpful.

I think that was all my changes, it is hard to remember over 6 weeks of sewing.

Would I sew it again?
You bet, there is a dress in the same issue, sure would be cute, too. Maybe I can be faster than 6 weeks.

Can't wait to wear it. I plan on wearing it with my Ottobre white crop pants, great new red shoes and my diamond necklace and earrings (24th anniversary present from hubby- our anniversary was the 6th)

Parting shots from the garden, it is surviving the 100+ heat

Moss roses:

Garden Phlox, hollyhock and another perennial (forget the name)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Road Trip

Oh, did I need a road trip and with my love of gardening the twins and I went to Powell Gardens
Their website states a road trip for the soul and it was just what my soul needed. I have been feeling so out-of-sorts. No passion for anything, a general lackluster attitude. This did help to revive me a bit, still working on getting back. A road trip with my always happy, always fun twins was a perfect Saturday. 2-1/2 hours in the car (one way), we played 2 games of the alphabet game and a long, long game of Railroad. Then another alphabet game on the way home. Kaitlyn read the second Harry Potter most of the day, she is the reader of the two.

Here are some photos from our day. Powell Gardens was featuring a Jurassic Garden theme and you can tell from this photo by Meredith.

How about this water feature, it is the island garden, I have seen it photographed in my gardening magazines. Wonderful to see it in person.

How about this group of Brown-eyed Susans

A woodland garden - beautiful stream and waterfall. Can you see the dinosaurs?

We visited for about 2 hours, the 95 degree heat kept us from staying longer but I will be going back. I can't believe I have lived so close and never visited before.

If you are ever in the neighborhood of this botanical garden, check it out. Let me know of any I should put down to visit, I am always up for another road trip.

What I have been up to

Vacation - can you guess what state?

We went to the castle for one day, our family and a gazillion other people!!! We did have a great time.

Put my feet up

Watched #2 daughter

Learning how to run this a work, plus do all my office work. I have been running this 4 to 9 hours a day since I have been back from vacation. With this is mind, I sure don't want to sew when I get home.