Monday, August 20, 2007

Onion 2017

Pattern Review:

Tunic style top or dress, tie back, sleeve variations. For a knit fabric only.

Pattern sizing:
XS to XL - I made a Small

Easy to follow with the English version. I bought my Onion patterns on their Website and they mail you the actual pattern. If the pattern is marked English, then the English instructions will be emailed to you in a pdf file. The instructions are easy to follow and very helpful for cutting out and construction.

***NOTE: You do need to add seam allowances and hem allowances.

Likes and dislikes:

Likes first

  • the shape - tunic style with out the pregnant look
  • neckline - flattering neckline but not too low
  • dress option - always nice to have the dress option
  • great fitting pattern
  • I love Onion's website - they show actual garments with the pattern, great for inspiration and you can see how an actual garment will look.
  • I wasn't sure about the cuff on the sleeve but I think this will be nice for work - keep a loose sleeve from getting in my way.


  • none really - maybe another sleeve variation but I can draft that myself. Just thougth I neede some dislike


Knit from Gorgeous Fabric

What did I change?

I added my usual 1" to the bodice. That was about it for changes. My ties is a bit narrower, I just had a scrap of solid black knit.

Will I sew it again?

That would be a big YES! I love this on me and I will probably try the dress - long sleeves and maybe a bit of a bell shape.


Try Onion patterns if you haven't they are quite nice. This is a great top and I am going to love wearing it.


  1. Oh wow Lori. I love this one!!!

  2. It looks fabulous!

  3. Another great big WOW!!! You are so talented.

  4. I love this top, very nice! I need to start sewing for myself a little I think. First thing, though, I need to pick up my sewing machine from being serviced!

  5. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I love how you use a solid with the print, it came out great, I never look at onion patterns because I don't get them from my local hobbie store but this one is beautiful

  6. Anonymous8:50 PM

    It's beautiful! I really love the fabric with this one along with the style.