Thursday, August 09, 2007

BWOF - Finally Finished

Burda World of Fashion 5/2007, Blouse 113, fabric eyelet from Gorgeous Things.

Pattern Review:

Blouse with contrasting trim, belt loops and belt.

Pattern sizing:
38 to 46, I made a 40, it is a bit big.

Did it turn out like I wanted and like the picture?
Yes, even better, I love the classic navy and white.

Pretty good, really, especially for BWOF.

Likes and dislikes:
I loved the style of the blouse and all the details. The dislike - one - it took me so darn long to finish it.

Navy eyelet from Gorgeous Fabric. Sorry, it is sold out!

What did I change?
Well, it calls for bias binding, I used piping. I omitted the piping from the front placket and had to make some changes to sew in the piping on the yoke, sleeve hems, belt loops, etc. I ran out of piping, took forever to get to Joann's for more. Only the belt left for the piping, guess what ran out again, I had a bit of Wright's piping in cream, pulled out the cording, used some bias binding and made my one piping for the last 12 inches!!

I used navy organza for the interfacing and found this Handling Eyelet by Ann (Gorgeous Things) it was very helpful.

I think that was all my changes, it is hard to remember over 6 weeks of sewing.

Would I sew it again?
You bet, there is a dress in the same issue, sure would be cute, too. Maybe I can be faster than 6 weeks.

Can't wait to wear it. I plan on wearing it with my Ottobre white crop pants, great new red shoes and my diamond necklace and earrings (24th anniversary present from hubby- our anniversary was the 6th)

Parting shots from the garden, it is surviving the 100+ heat

Moss roses:

Garden Phlox, hollyhock and another perennial (forget the name)


  1. Lori, you did an outstanding job! The blouse looks great!

  2. What a snazzy top! (Not sure where snazzy came from - first thing that came into my head!)

    There is a lot of detailing on it; I can see why it took so long!

  3. gorgeous blouse. it will be fab with white ottobre pants.

    btw...i've been catching up on podcasts during summer travel. excellent job!


  4. It turned out great! Obviously worth the wait. Happy belated anniversary!