Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do you like prizes?

If so, take a listen to Episode 12 of the Sew Forth Now Podcast then follow the instructions on that podcast to sign up for a drawing. Also, some great information and news from Simplicity in this Episode.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

On a Roll Sewing

Count them - 4 projects in this post. My satellite internet service, Direcway or Hughes (Hughes bought Direcway), has been on the blink and the repairman has failed to show. No surprise there, the business I bought my satellite from has very poor service. I have another repairman coming on Wednesday. We have had no rain for 6 weeks or more, and 90+ temperatures. I think the ground is so dry that the pole for the satellite has shifted and the satellite is off position. I was so frustrated on Friday, after waiting around the house for 4+ hours for the repairman (remember second day in a row), that I went out and tugged and pulled on the satellite pole. Well, we have an internet connection now - low but at least a connection. I will take what I can get.

What does this have to do with sewing - well, no web-surfing just quite a bit of sewing. Plus all that time at home waiting on the repairman, I put that to use. So, here are pictures and information for 4 projects:

Project #1 - Simplicity 4208
Check out the link for my original post and first garment from this pattern. You will also find my Limited Too inspiration. The fabric is from Joann's sale section. I am so pleased with the results.
Simplicity 4208

Project #2 - Simplicity 3904
Pattern: Simplicity 3904
Description: A That’s So Raven pattern – Girls’ dress in two lengths, top and shorts
Sizing: 8 to 16 or 8-1/2 to 16-1/2. I made a 14 for dd#3 (oldest twin)
Instructions: The instructions were clear. I really like how the front band is constructed. This gives you a beautiful front band with nice results.
Likes/Dislikes: I like the looks of the top, trendy and Limited too-ish. It is a quick garment to sew. No dislikes
Changes: I took out 3” from the back skirt part. The top was too big for my daughter and most of that appeared to be in the back. This eliminated the gathering on the back skirt section. I wish I had added 2” to the top length
Fabric: Cotton fashion fabric for the print from Joann’s. The solid brown is a quilting cotton.
Conclusion: A cute, fun top for my daughter. She is thrilled and seems to favor this style. I noticed she tends to try on this style and we have purchased 2 with similar styling. A winner for her and a winner for mom to sew.

Project #3 - Simplicity 4020
My inspiration was from
Stacy Sew's post on Demi's Top . Stacy posts on her blog a Celebrity Style Watch and when I saw Demi's top and Stacy's recommendation - I knew I had to make this top. I had the pattern and perfect fabric in my stash.

Pattern Review

Description: Misses’ Pullover Knit Tops
Sizing: 4 to 20, I made a 10
Instructions: The instructions are good and the instruction drawings very helpful.
Likes/Dislikes: Several pattern views to make, I probably will not make view A or B but the others I like quite a bit. I say this because of the batwing type sleeves, but I do have a RTW garment with these sleeves and I really like it. I should re-evaluate that statement! I made View E, but used a contrast fabric for the band. I also like that this is a quick garment to sew. My wardrobe is in desperate need of clothes. I wear jeans, walking shorts or semi-dress pants to work, (offset printing, graphics, sign-making, etc) I need nicer looking tops to go with these items. I like to look nice for the customers but need to be able to work. This top fits the bill.
Changes: The pattern instructions tell you sew the side seams of the bodice and then sew the side seams of the bottom front and back. You then sew the bodice to the bottom matching notches and the large dot on the bodice. I thought this might be a bit awkward, so I sewed the front and back bottom piece from large dot to large dot, then stitched the side seams. I found this to be fine.
Fabric: A sweater knit purchased last year from Textile Studio, I believe. The brown contrast is from Gorgeous Fabric, just a bit leftover from another top.
Conclusion: I wasn’t sure about this style, but I LOVE it. Thanks to Stacy for providing the inspiration.

Project #4 - Onion 5038
Pattern envelope picture

Pattern Review

Description: Knit top with waist seam, button front band, 2 sleeve options and cuff option
Sizing: XS to XL, I made a small and added 1” to the length.
Instructions: Brief but very good. When you purchase an Onion pattern they will mail you the pattern itself and email you the English instructions. Do note – this is only for patterns with “ENG” after the pattern description. This is helpful for seam allowances and hem allowances to add, the pattern piece to trace and cut out plus construction information. You will get these English instructions soon after purchase, which helps in your anticipation of the pattern. Study the instructions and plan your fabric!
Likes/Dislikes: I like it all, the look, the pattern, the sizing, the finished garment.
Changes: No changes except for my additional length.
Fabric: Knit from Lucy’s Fabric and the brown trim is leftover from another project.
Conclusion: A winner. My mind is racing with ways I can change this pattern

Final thoughts on all my sewing:
It might have taken longer to take the pictures, d/l them to my computer and type the riveiws than it did to sew Simplicity 4020!!! I am so happy to be in my sewing room and to have a bit of internet service, I missed my online friends.

Pushing the podcast

I am promoting my podcast (Sew Forth Now) today. Please take a listen to it if you have not, I have had some wonderful guests. The latest episode is an interview with Simplicity and you will hear some exciting news from their pattern company. Take a listen and spread the word.

A link to the podcast is on the sidebar.

Now back to sewing - I will have pictures of 4 garments in the next day or two.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Belinda nominated me for this award on Saturday. Thanks, Belinda.
Now I get to choose 5 women bloggers worthy of the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award. If you get nominated, place your pretty pink badge on your site and then list 5 of your favorite Rockin' Girl Bloggers. This is the hard part, great blogs, great women.
Here it is:
1. Bonnie D. - we are on the same sewing wavelength. The projects and fabrics are the same or oh, so close!
2. Mary at Right Sides Together - love her sweaters, sewing and other activities
3.Autum of Creative Little Daisy - she started my adventure in blogland - I found her blog and was hooked on reading blogs
4. Tany - a wealth of information and such beautiful projects
5.Debbie - In the Bag - have you seen this lady's purses - incredible.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Look 6704

Here is a direct link - I couldn't get the pattern envelope to work on my blog post tonight.

New Look 6704

Pattern Review

Description: Blouse/Tunic with belt option and sleeve variations

Sizing: 10 to 22, I made the 10 with 12 for the back.

Instructions: Quite clear and helpful. I used the New Look instructions and then some of my class information from a Pattern Review online class. The teacher was Shannon Gifford, if you have the opportunity to do this - go for it. I learned so much.
Likes/Dislikes: I love the style and all the views. I really liked playing with the grain and having a unique top. I want to make the long white version, what do you think? Only dislike it does take time to make, unlike my quickie knit projects!
Changes: I made redrafted the collar according to the Pattern review class, this is also a Louise Cutting technique. The collar fold becomes the center back of the under collar. Pretty cool - no seam at the end of the collar, where the points are. I wasn't going to do the belt, but my top was too big. I should have cut a size 10 all the way and made the side seams a bit smaller. The belt helps draw in the back of my blouse. I did have to piece my belt from the little scraps I had left and then I interfaced the belt.
Fabric: Shirting from Gorgeous Fabric
Conclusion: Well-drafted pattern with multiple choices to change the look. A winner and I will hopefully find time to make another one.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Winner of the magazine.....

Bonnie D wins the Backyard Living magazine. Thanks for the comments ladies,

Bonnie, email me (click on view my complete profile for email address).

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I was Bad

Does the title have you wondering what the heck I am going to blog about? Well, I was bad at Joann's today and spent quite a bit of money.

My 40% of coupon went toward this.......

Thread cabinet with 100 colors. My Joann's had one and it quickly went into my cart. $149.99 less the 40%, makes it $89.99. Still a chunk of change but there are 100 spools of thread and I live 45 minutes from a place to buy thread. It never fails to be 10 pm and I don't have the color of thread I need. Are you following my rationalizing? Oh, I can replace the spool when it is empty and always have a full cabinet.

What else did I buy? Lots, I tell you......25.5 yards of fabric - my Joann's never has the greatest fabric selection but it did today - rayon knits, a wonderful white cotton shirting, some plaid coating. The twins each picked out some fabric from the clearance sections for shirts. One will cost $8.99 and the other $7.50.

The cheapest purchase - a $2.99 catalog called "Fall Fusion" Featuring patterns by Simplicity. Wow, this is great. I couldn't find it online but took a few pictures. The back cover has 6 - 50% off coupons - 4 for fabric, 1 for notions and 1 for a dress form. The sewn garments are from fabric available at Joann's. Love this quote from the magazine "Sewing is for the modern woman..... one who wants to showcase her talents as well as her individuality."

Hope you can find this at your Joann's. BTW, each picture notes the pattern number, the fabric type and the SKU for that fabric.

I did cut out a New Look blouse (oh, yes, I bought 2 more NL patterns today, too) and now I am off to prewash fabric!

Comment for a Magazine

I bought Backyard Living (Aug/Sept 2007) and forgot I had subscribed! Check out their website:

Backyard Living

Just leave a comment on your garden, my garden, your favorite flower or favorite garden to visit. I will draw Sunday night and mail the magazine to the winner.

Friday, September 07, 2007

My New Purse

This is my purse from the Sew Forth Now Podcast sewalong. The pattern is from Craft Apple's Lotus Bag Pattern

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just the garden

The lower left and lower middle pictures are from Powell Gardens, the rest are from my garden. It has been extremely dry, so it looks a bit needy. I don't have much to report on the sewing front - finished one podcast on Monday and another one just about finished.

Softball is in full swing (like the play on words) - with 3 girls playing, we have ballgames from this Saturday to next Saturday (Sunday is our one day off). High school daughter's team won again tonight 6-0 is their record!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Simplicity 4208

Pattern review
Girls' dress, tunic or top, bolero, pants and bag

8 to 16 or 8-1/2 to 16-1/2

Fine, very simple style and easy to sew tunic

Easy to sew, trendy top with many variations. No dislikes.

I added one pocket to the design. My daughter is not so sure about this but says to leave it on for now. I thought the top needed something else. I am going to get a couple of large white buttons for the front straps. I also added 3" to the length of the shorter tunic but is was about 1-1/2" too much.

What you might change:
I think this style would be better with the straps attached on the back, then sew buttonholes/buttons on the front. I think my daughter will struggle getting it on. I will get better pictures when my daughter wears the tunic.

This pattern is so basic but you can do many things with it. Here is some inspiration from the Limited Too website: