Sunday, September 23, 2007

On a Roll Sewing

Count them - 4 projects in this post. My satellite internet service, Direcway or Hughes (Hughes bought Direcway), has been on the blink and the repairman has failed to show. No surprise there, the business I bought my satellite from has very poor service. I have another repairman coming on Wednesday. We have had no rain for 6 weeks or more, and 90+ temperatures. I think the ground is so dry that the pole for the satellite has shifted and the satellite is off position. I was so frustrated on Friday, after waiting around the house for 4+ hours for the repairman (remember second day in a row), that I went out and tugged and pulled on the satellite pole. Well, we have an internet connection now - low but at least a connection. I will take what I can get.

What does this have to do with sewing - well, no web-surfing just quite a bit of sewing. Plus all that time at home waiting on the repairman, I put that to use. So, here are pictures and information for 4 projects:

Project #1 - Simplicity 4208
Check out the link for my original post and first garment from this pattern. You will also find my Limited Too inspiration. The fabric is from Joann's sale section. I am so pleased with the results.
Simplicity 4208

Project #2 - Simplicity 3904
Pattern: Simplicity 3904
Description: A That’s So Raven pattern – Girls’ dress in two lengths, top and shorts
Sizing: 8 to 16 or 8-1/2 to 16-1/2. I made a 14 for dd#3 (oldest twin)
Instructions: The instructions were clear. I really like how the front band is constructed. This gives you a beautiful front band with nice results.
Likes/Dislikes: I like the looks of the top, trendy and Limited too-ish. It is a quick garment to sew. No dislikes
Changes: I took out 3” from the back skirt part. The top was too big for my daughter and most of that appeared to be in the back. This eliminated the gathering on the back skirt section. I wish I had added 2” to the top length
Fabric: Cotton fashion fabric for the print from Joann’s. The solid brown is a quilting cotton.
Conclusion: A cute, fun top for my daughter. She is thrilled and seems to favor this style. I noticed she tends to try on this style and we have purchased 2 with similar styling. A winner for her and a winner for mom to sew.

Project #3 - Simplicity 4020
My inspiration was from
Stacy Sew's post on Demi's Top . Stacy posts on her blog a Celebrity Style Watch and when I saw Demi's top and Stacy's recommendation - I knew I had to make this top. I had the pattern and perfect fabric in my stash.

Pattern Review

Description: Misses’ Pullover Knit Tops
Sizing: 4 to 20, I made a 10
Instructions: The instructions are good and the instruction drawings very helpful.
Likes/Dislikes: Several pattern views to make, I probably will not make view A or B but the others I like quite a bit. I say this because of the batwing type sleeves, but I do have a RTW garment with these sleeves and I really like it. I should re-evaluate that statement! I made View E, but used a contrast fabric for the band. I also like that this is a quick garment to sew. My wardrobe is in desperate need of clothes. I wear jeans, walking shorts or semi-dress pants to work, (offset printing, graphics, sign-making, etc) I need nicer looking tops to go with these items. I like to look nice for the customers but need to be able to work. This top fits the bill.
Changes: The pattern instructions tell you sew the side seams of the bodice and then sew the side seams of the bottom front and back. You then sew the bodice to the bottom matching notches and the large dot on the bodice. I thought this might be a bit awkward, so I sewed the front and back bottom piece from large dot to large dot, then stitched the side seams. I found this to be fine.
Fabric: A sweater knit purchased last year from Textile Studio, I believe. The brown contrast is from Gorgeous Fabric, just a bit leftover from another top.
Conclusion: I wasn’t sure about this style, but I LOVE it. Thanks to Stacy for providing the inspiration.

Project #4 - Onion 5038
Pattern envelope picture

Pattern Review

Description: Knit top with waist seam, button front band, 2 sleeve options and cuff option
Sizing: XS to XL, I made a small and added 1” to the length.
Instructions: Brief but very good. When you purchase an Onion pattern they will mail you the pattern itself and email you the English instructions. Do note – this is only for patterns with “ENG” after the pattern description. This is helpful for seam allowances and hem allowances to add, the pattern piece to trace and cut out plus construction information. You will get these English instructions soon after purchase, which helps in your anticipation of the pattern. Study the instructions and plan your fabric!
Likes/Dislikes: I like it all, the look, the pattern, the sizing, the finished garment.
Changes: No changes except for my additional length.
Fabric: Knit from Lucy’s Fabric and the brown trim is leftover from another project.
Conclusion: A winner. My mind is racing with ways I can change this pattern

Final thoughts on all my sewing:
It might have taken longer to take the pictures, d/l them to my computer and type the riveiws than it did to sew Simplicity 4020!!! I am so happy to be in my sewing room and to have a bit of internet service, I missed my online friends.


  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Beautiful tops Lori. Your family is one of the best dressed that I've seen lately. Congratulations on a job well done. Happy Stitching!

  2. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Everything turned out great! I have that onion top ready to go myself. I just have to sew the darn thing up :)

  3. Great results! Amazing how much we can get done when we stay off the computer. I always have great intentions (no computer... sewing only) and then get sucked into blog reading.

    All the tops look great. I really like the onion top. That is exactly the kind of thing I wear to work every day.

  4. Anonymous7:55 AM

    They all look fantastic! I especially love the onion top (and the fabric too).... makes me want to get moving on making more fall shirts!

  5. So many FOs and so beautiful!! Well done!

  6. Your sewing is great! I enjoy seeing your projects and listening to your podcast.

    About our contract with them finally expired and we were sooooo ready to find someone else. We had direcway for years and were happy until they changed to Hughes. With hughes we had so much problem with their FAP (fair access policy). It seems our internet was down every third day because of FAP. It was good riddance to Hughes for us. Hopefully you will have better service with them. Sorry for the vent.... :-)

  7. Wow, you are a sewing maniac! I think if my internet was down I would get a lot done, but then I'd still have photoshop on my computer...hmmmm, maybe not! I love them all, but those girl tops are so cute!

  8. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Love, love the brown floral top. I could use five of those - one for each day of the week! Very attractive and looks comfortable as well.

    The tunic tops are so cute. I didn't realize they were back in style for the younger set.

    I find your pattern reviews so informational. Thanks for taking the time.

  9. Oh dear. I've only just realized you were the same Lori that broadcasted the Sew Forth Now podcast! I feel so stupid.

    Your latest projects all turned out so well! The Onion top is perfect. I just got the 2017 Onion pattern in the mail and can't wait to make it (I saw your own version on patternreview and loved it!).