Friday, June 22, 2007

My new purse and painting

My bargain buy. These were $120 each at Hobby Lobby, I bought them for $24 each - yea! The color wasn't best for my bedroom so I painted

The after - now to get hubby to hang them.

My new purse - fabric is Freshcut by Heather Bailey, love it for summer. Pattern is from Bag Boutique Book, called Pocketbook purse. I made mine bigger, added yo-yo's and added cording the the handles. It was only a bias strip, not much stability there.




  1. Your bag is perfect. I bought that same book just because of that bag. Perhaps it's time I actually get off my butt and make it!

  2. the mirrors look so much better in white. i always love a good deal like that.

    the bag is adorable. i so need to make some purses for myself. don't know why i haven't done it yet. laziness perhaps?


  3. Those mirrors are awesome!!!

    And I love the purse. Great addition of the yo yos.

  4. Love the bag, the yoyos and rick rack are so cute!

  5. Anonymous7:36 PM

    GREAT deal on the mirrors :D Love them, and the purse *SWOON* LOVE that!!!

  6. I love that purse, it is so cute! I just made myself a new one, but I'm not overly happy with how it turned out, though. That's me...not using a pattern and suffering the consequences. :)

    Those mirrors are really nice, too. I love it when you see something that you love, but isn't quite right and some paint will rework it.