Sunday, August 27, 2006

My New Jacket

Finally, after a month-long sewing slump, I have something made. It has taken me a couple of weeks to complete but today I can say it is done. I used Simplicity 4281 and fabric from a coop.
Before I show the pictures I have to tell a story first. My dd#2 was watching "Save the Last Dance" and I did some dancing just to get a reaction. It worked, I was told, "Mom, don't ever do that again!" I went to my sewing room to get my flea market dress form and take it outside for pictures. Those of you that have seen my indoor pictures know the color isn't the best, not my camera but the basement sewing room. My daughter sees the dressform and inquires what are you doing? I reply, "this is my dance partner" Have you seen horrified teenager face, I did today and it was too funny. Double reaction, shocked and is my mom crazy?!?
Well, here is my jacket and I am just thrilled. I added piping to the collar and front. I thought it needed the pop of color
to define the collar from the jacket. I also like the cuffs. I made this view by default, limited amount of fabric. I saw this jacket made up at Talbot's and checked on-line, it retails for $178. This is why I love to sew. Also, a plus when the sewn garments turns out nicely and fits. I am happiest with the lining, something I tend to struggle with. I did pull out my Nancy Erickson's Jacket book, to help with the lining and the sleeve caps.
I have more pictures and information on my Review


  1. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Wonderful looking jacket Lori! Like your blog, I'm behind on joining that sec of the world too. I know the shocked teen look - get it every time I start dancing while making dinner! And have heard the 'don't do that again!' Take them shopping & start talking like them - with a little Valley type attitude there - lol - my teen's face was horrified & in public too!

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I am always impressed by people who can sew clothes and not just clothes, but clothes that fit! Your dance partner looks fabulous in it's new jacket. I think the piping did exactly what you hoped - nice touch.

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Glad I found your blog!

    Great looking jacket. Piping is a perfect touch.

    I got such a kick out of your dancing story and your daughter's reply. I can just hear it "puuleeease, don't do THAT again!"