Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Baby Gifts

These are always so fun to make, not to mention cute. Looking at the newborn onsie brings back many happy memories. No, these are not for me! My twin daughters have a very good friend and she now has a little sister, one day old. The girls HAD to have a baby gift. They studied my baby designs and picked the cute butterfly. They wanted the onsie with a design, a receiving blanket and a burp cloth, too. Gotta have a burp cloth or two or three!
The twins held up the onsie and were amazed how small it was. I like to remind them, the newborn onsie would have been huge on them at one day old. In fact huge, until about two months old. Even more amazement.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    OHMIGOSH!!!!! These are the most adorable little things. How precious! They will be great gifts.

    I need to produce a baby gift for a friend of my mom's daughter and you are giving me great inspiration!

  2. Lori, Those are just GREAT! I love the happy colors and designs. I was holding up football pants from my DS' teams from 5 or 6 years ago. Even those were "tiny" compared to what runs through my laundry room these days. With DS#1 nearing 18, I'm really starting to feel a bit of anticipated separation anxiety.

  3. Anonymous8:22 AM

    What fun to have your girls involved in the planning so it truly is a gift from all of you!