Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Don Shorts in Linen Blend

It is still hot and my shorts needed a refresh, so I brought out my Georgia Portfolio  Don Shorts pattern and pulled out a linen blend from Joann Fabrics

I made the more basic version of this pattern to go with my royal blue vest  and this time I wanted to make the version with the big pockets

The construction of the pockets is very interesting and the Don Shorts  go together quickly.  I shortened the rise on my royal blue pair but I did not on this pair.  After one wearing, I took these shorts to my sewing room and redid the elastic and the rise.  I took off 1/2 inch from the rise and then used 1-1/2 inch elastic, first time was maybe 1". This was a big improvement and I love how the shorts look and feel.

These pictures are from the before elastic.  Fabric is a nice line blend from Joann fabrics 

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