Thursday, October 19, 2023

mySewnet Embroidered - Made for Mermaids pattern

I found inspiration for this top from a women's retailer.  It was a beautiful sweatshirt with lots of embroidery and puff sleeves.  I knew I needed to recreate this look.  I am so happy with my top, it turned out even better than I had hoped.

I opened mySewnet  and went to work designing. I usually can create from the Superdesigns in mySewnet but this time I could not get the look I wanted.  I went to mySewnet library and found the perfect design, which is 1/2 of this design, for my front I copied the design and pasted on the other side and mirrored it.  This design is 32,000 stitches which shouldn't take long but many of the stitches are long stitches.  This means the machine stitches slower and it takes lots of thread.  This design stitched just under 3 hours.  I did change the settings to do a monochromatic as I was going to do it all the light blue.  Well, about 2/3rds through the design I looked and what was my very full spool of thread was a very small amount of thread left.  I looked through my embroidery thread and went with a gray.  It was one of those happy results, I like the look of the two colors.  

See the small flower in the bottom left?   Well, for the front neckline to recreate my inspiration, I modified this from the original design.  I used it to repeat with the Encore feature and added a curve to mimic the neckline.  I did stitch this all in one color and it took about 45 minutes to stitch.

Next was the sleeve, which I again modified (which is essentially cutting the part you want making a new design).  I did modify a few stitches out as you can see in the bottom flower.  I didn't notice that until I stitched the sleeve.  I just handstitched those missing stitches in.  The sleeves were the last thing I stitched out, so I went with mostly gray and just a bit of the light blue.  These took 30 minutes each to stitch.

Each time I use mySewnet I am more impressed with its capabilities and what I can create using it.

I found the perfect pattern to recreate the Anthro look  and that pattern is Made for Mermaids Pepper Puff Sleeve Top & Sweaters  I went with the longer choice of the short sleeves and the high hip length.  My fabric is from stash and the ribbing is, too.  I did have to shorten the width of the bottom band due to limited ribbing.  

Since there were so many stitches, there is a bit of puckering in the front but I am okay with that.  I don't think you notice it as the design just is the star of the garment.

So four hours of embroidery later, I think my top is perfect.  I am so happy how it turned out and the embroidery is the star of the garment.

It was so fun to make and will be even more fun to wear

I am an ambassador for mySewnet and all opinions are mine.

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