Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Vogue 1923

This beautiful top took awhile to finish, I was short on fabric and thank goodness it was still in stock so I could order more

The pattern is Vogue 1923 which is a body suit but I ended up cutting that off.  I added an inch to the body length and with this addition the bodysuit was long and not just by that extra inch it was like 3 inches too long.  So I cut it off at the upper leg openings.  It is a bit short but with high waisted jeans it is just fine.

The fabric is a Heavy Modal Rib from Lyrical Fabrics in Matcha Lacha and it is green in appearance.  The fabric might be a bit too heavy for the drape or it could be I cut a 16 considering the finished measurements.  I am usually a 12 or 14 in these patterns.  The drape doesn't pull tight enough at the shoulders to be in place.  I used a tape to keep the shoulders in place, they just kept falling way down my arms.

The fabric is wonderful, the top is fun and interesting to sew and I love how it turned out.  Quite a different look for me but we have a convention in Florida next month and there is always a fun casual evening and I thought this would be perfect for the event.  I might try to find a pair of white jeans.


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