Monday, May 29, 2023

Tote Bag - mySewnet

A fun project for some of my grandkids for their summer travels and trips to the library.  This one was made for a granddaughter getting ready for a vacation in a couple weeks. 

I used denim I had in my stash and went to mySewnet to design it

First I used the create function and then the Spiro feature.  Next a Superdesign with a small heart with the heart still selected I went to encore and the circle option, resizing it just a bit to have the hearts meet the Spiro.  Encore again for the butterfly design and going on the outside of the hoop, which is 200x 200.  Finally, a embroidered font in the middle of the Spiro.  I love how quickly I was able to design this and the software is so smart.  It eliminates the stitching behind the lettering, so I just didn't sew the letter, just letting the fabric show through

I thought a small zipper bag would be a nice addition for this tote bag, I went with the zipper pouch under Create which is a Project-in-the-hoop.  

This was so fun to make and my granddaughter was thrilled.  Now to make more!

I am a mysewnet ambassador, these opinions are mine.

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