Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Thanksgiving Pillows with mySewnet

Thanksgiving is my house this year and I decided I needed to up my Thanksgiving - Fall decor and using mySewnet for new pillows was the perfect way to make beautiful pillows

I decided to try a new feature in mySewnet and it is  Express Design   .  For this feature I went to the internet and found a free clip art for a pumpkin.  I brought that into the Express Design and made this beautiful pumpkin in just a couple clicks.  I added some sunflower designs, duplicating them and changing sizes.  I add some black space so I added another flower from Super Design.  I did have to change the order so the flowers stitched first and then the pumpkin.  The pumpkin has a fill design from Express Design and the outline, I just eliminated the fill.

If it is Thanksgiving you need a turkey, so I went to free clip art again and found a turkey.  I did Express Design and once again in a couple of clicks.  I added lettering to the tail feathers FAMILY, one letter at a time and placed it in the feathers.  Then a few fall colored leaves to the bottom of the turkey, these are Super Designs. In Express Design, it did add the fill to the turkey which I just skipped.  I added the bow after the turkey was stitched out.   

Last up a fun leaf pillow.  I used a fall looking leaf from Super Design and filled the hoop.  Next a nice script font for the middle of the leaf.  A feature I love in mySewnet is how it eliminates stitching if you overlap designs, so if you have a background you want to show through, then just don't stitch that element.  So I didn't stitch the fall, just skipped to the next thread color- design.  The border is another fall element (or fall to me) from Super Design, using the Encore feature and selecting the hoop option.  This repeats the design around the inside edge of the hoop, I love how this frames the leaf.

a few more photos

I have started an You Tube Channel for all mySewnet how-to videos.  So check it out, I think this might be an easier way to follow along than posting on IG.

I am a mySewnet ambassador and I enjoy using the software and the opinions are all mine

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