Wednesday, September 21, 2022

mySewnet Jacket

I have had so much fun making this jacket, mainly the design process was so much fun.  

I had some inspiration for Johnny Was and I went from there and put my own spin on it.

A jean jacket style wasn't the look I wanted so I pulled out my Sienna Maker Jacket pattern and took a look at all the pattern pieces.  My process was to outline with chalk each of the pattern piece and cut out larger than the outline.  With larger pieces, help in case there is a bit of shrinkage with the embroidery.  

I started with the left back and designed that one first in mySewnet  I used a few elements in Superdesigns and used Encore function to repeat and also Encore to make a circle with another element to frame the flower (from the library).  One element I liked from the inspiration jacket was how they had some of the embroidery hidden by seams, folds, etc.    I did this on the bottom right, the main elements are the Spirograph option in Create.  I used two different ones, one inside the other on the larger element on bottom right.

Let's move to the front.  The line at the top is actually a "X" from one of the font options, I turned it on its side and used Encore to repeat the X giving more of an geometric look.  And this design went into the side seam. 

Now this sleeve, a paisley Superdesign and the Encore feature again for a circle.  The straight line of diamonds and circles - yes the circle is an "O" from another font.  The diamond is an element from a Superdesign and I modified the diamond from a larger design.  Repeated these designs and made another straight line. 

This sleeve, another spiro with fewer petals and a Superdesign from Music category.

Now the pockets more X and O fonts and another Superdesign

All the embroidery designs were created for each pattern piece in mind.  I would created one while another was stitching.  

My jacket probably has 1/10th of the embroidery that the inspiration jacket did and that is what I wanted.  mySewnet software is so easy to use and I love using elements in the non-traditional way.  Like the "X" for the horizontal line.  I did get two designs from the library and the rest were from mySewnet elements and I just had fun creating.

One final element, the cuffs, I lined the bottom of the sleeve with self fabric so I could roll the sleeves.  I used a decorative stitch on my Pfaff Creative Icon2 for this and I love how it looks turned up.

I underlined the jacket to finish it off and hide the wrong side of the embroidery, I did this only on the body of the jacket.  I serged all the seam to finish.

The fabric for the jacket is a twill from Cali Fabrics
The buttons are from stash and I used colors that would go with the embroidery thread colors, which I used 5 different colors.  I wanted a limited color combination and I am pleased with the final look.

I am a mySewnet ambassador


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