Tuesday, August 16, 2022

mySewnet Design on Collage Gathered Top

Fabric, pattern and a great mySewnet design make a really fun top

I made the Collage Gathered Top and knew I wanted to make it again.  This fabric from Cali Fabrics was just perfect for my idea.  A combination of a chambray double gauze and a fun gingham were the perfect backdrop for my embroidery design, created in mySewnet

I used one of the Spirograph designs, I really love them but wanted to use them more and find a new use/look for them.  You can find the Spirograph in the Create tab, I click through until I find one I like, then adjust the number of petals and the petal type.  Once I had the look I wanted and clicked okay, then I adjusted the size and look until my spirograph design reminded me of a flower.  The leaves and vine are a Super Design, I went with one that was outline only.  This look went with the spirograph outline look.  After having these two designs, I just duplicate the designs and did some rotating to the look I wanted.

I did a simple meandering across the hoop, which is the front of my new top.

My main suggestion is to make sure on placement when doing the front of the top.  You don't want one of the flowers in the wrong spot, if you know what I mean.  

This fabric is lightweight, so I used two layers and lined the front piece, no wrong side of the fabric against the skin.

I did add an inch the top and I like this just that little bit longer.

I like this, what about you?

I am a mySewnet ambassador and I really love working with their software.  All the opinions are mine.


  1. You look especially cute today! Is it from hair up? Cute earrings? Lighter makeup? I don't know but I'm so glad you share your creative sewing on your blog.

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