Thursday, August 04, 2022

Galaxy Tee

I have made this amazing pattern once before and knew I needed another one.

So the fabric was purchased because I knew it would be perfect for a new pair of earrings.  I fell in love with these earrings but one problem, I had nothing in my closet that would work with them.

Enter Cali Fabrics and a sale.  I went to take a look and this beautiful argyle jumped right out at me.  The colors were perfect for my new earrings.  I ordered two yards and couldn't wait to make it.

I did get that looks thread off the sleeve!

Well, summer is busy and the fabric waited until now but that is okay, lots of summer left. Plus in August, my shirts always need a refresh.

As I stated, I have made the Galaxy Tee once before, only problem is the fabric is a bit heavy and thick, so not so good in the summer, fall only.

For the binding, I dug through my ribbing container.  This mustard-rust color one was perfect, but not quite enough for the wide sleeve ribbing.  I just narrowed this down and it all worked.  This pattern is so quick to make  and the sleeves just make the garment.

I love the look of this fabric and the feel is so wonderful, soft but not clingy.

I do need to size down a bit on this pattern, it is pretty loose in the waist and hips.


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