Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Monochromatic Outfit in Creams - Lander Pants and Eight Tee

Okay this is the 11th pair of Landers and I know and you all know it won't be the last!  True Bias Lander Pants information here

I don't have three pair - an animal print, I just don't like animal prints and it took awhile for me to figure that out.  A pair of shorts I made to demonstrate topstitching on the SewOver50 IG account, they were just too small and uncomfortable.  And then my olive pair just were worn out.

I ordered this cream twill (from at the same time I ordered my green twill and knew I would love having this color in my wardrobe.   After prewashing my fabric, I pulled the one yard cut of  cream knit I had and it was the perfect match and put the monochromatic look in my head.  I had big plans for this outfit early in the season but all sorts of things got in the way but I did make it happen before the end of summer.

A bonus, I think this look will be great for layering, cardigans, jackets, shackets, etc.  I tried it with my Sienna Maker Jacket here.  Might not be my favorite choice but you get the idea.

As I did on the green pair of Landers, I didn't over fit this pair of cream ones.  I love how the feel and look, I think I was just making my other pairs a bit too slim in the hips.  For the pocket lining I used unbleached muslin, nothing to show through the cream.  This twill is on the lightweight side, so note that if you are ordering it.

The Eight Tee is so quick to make and right on trend.  

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  1. I love this outfit and your fit is beautiful on each item. If I tried to wear a similar outfit I would spill something on it within five minutes.