Monday, April 18, 2022

Simplicity 9052 - Style Maker Fabrics

This fabric!!!! I ordered last May and finally had time to make a jacket.

The fabric came from Style Maker Fabrics  and is sold out.  For information purposes here is the description "Statement Designer Floral Coating Fabric Black/Multi" and I ordered 3 yards.  So happy I did get 3 yards as I had about a 5 inch by 10 inch piece left.  I ordered this after seeing Karen @intostitches trench style coat from this fabric. Oh, yes, what pattern did I make?  Simplicity 9052 a Mimi G pattern and this one is a unisex pattern, so notice it does button a different direction. Also, there is an You Tube Sew along for this pattern 
Misses' Men's and Teen's Jacket. Unlined combat or parka jacket has front separating zipper and button placket, Elasticated waist, four front pockets. Two length and hem-style options. Detachable hood.

It took me a year to make it as once the end of May hits in Missouri, coat weather is over.  This year I made it a point to get it made in April so I could enjoy it for at least a month.  This spring it might be longer, we just can't warm up.  I would have loved to make the hood but didn't have enough fabric.  

I like the detail of the cording and the back vent

I ordered lots of notions from Wawak, the long zipper, cord stoppers.  I went to Joann Fabrics for the twill tape, bias tape and buttons.  So much easier to sew when you have everything you need.

I like the casing and cording/cord stops on the inside.  Keeps the outside cleaner.

I made a small and lengthened the sleeves by one inch.  I did wait to cut the cuffs to make sure the sleeves were long enough.  Mimi G patterns usually have very short sleeves for me, even with the one inch they were too short.  These were just fine, so I went on with with the cuffs as is.

I love this pattern and how it turned out, just a fun oversized parka in a fabric not associated with a parka, the floral is just so good.  It was great fabric to sew and I enjoyed taking my time and working at a really great finished garment.


Sleeve tabs

Pockets and front closure


Back vents (not sure what to call them)

Some thoughts
- I used bias tape to finish the seams

- I used twill tape for the casing at the waist, finish the seams at the zipper- zipper placket area, and at the hem.

- I used a label to finish the edges of the back vent

-this is a very good pattern with so many great details, I found it well written and the finished project is sooooo good.


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