Sunday, April 24, 2022

Coram Top with Embroidery created in mySewnet

I am jumping on the pocket embroidery trend but not hand embroidery, with my wonderful mySewnet software.

I had an idea to use some of the floral Super designs and then modify to separate the floral part from the foliage part

Here is my floral design, which I stitched out by itself on the shirt front.  I did draw out the shirt on the fabric and mark the approximate placement for this design.  I did not cut anything out until after stitching out the design. 

Then here is the foliage part and I will put up a video tutorial soon.  I stitched this on a large rectangle, then cut it out the pocket.  

Here is how it looks all together

The fabric is from my Indie Stitch Box which was suppose to be for a skirt pattern included.  I don't wear many skirts and I think it is too light for a skirt but was perfect for my shirt.  The pattern I used was Coram Top, one of my favorites for wovens.


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