Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Grace Cardigan - Indie Stitch Subscription Box

I am caught up with my Indie Stitch Boxes!!!  Well, one came in the mail today but I have all of February to do it!

This box included a cute purple rib knit and the pattern The Grace Cardigan

You can read more about Indie Stitch here or see my past makes here 

This box is my favorite so far, the fabric is a great color and the pattern is a good one.  I loved the Shacket pattern from a previous box but the fabric was just a bit too light for a shacket style (in my opinion) Back to this cardigan, it reminds me of Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan but I feel the arms have a bit more room.  It might be the fabric factoring into this.

I did leave the pockets off, the fabric is on the thinner side and rib knit is quite stretchy.  I just didn't want that battle!  LOL 

Another feature of The Grace Cardigan is closely spaced buttons on the front band.  Buttons were included in the Indie Stitch Box but I didn't feel they were needed on this cardigan.

The Indie Stitch box that arrived is for a skirt pattern by Helen's Closet.  I won't make that, I just don't wear skirts very much and I am very happy with the skirts I have.  The fabric is on the thinner side, so I am thinking some kind of top, it is such a pretty pink, perfect for spring.

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