Monday, December 20, 2021

Little Red Dress Project - 2021

Taking part in The Little Red Dress Project is so much fun and I am honored to be an amabassador again this year.

This year I did something a bit different, two dresses.  I have been an ambassador in 2018 and 2020, here are those dresses

Thanks to Twilight Stitcher and Island Sewcialist for hosting and here is a You Tube video all about the project.

I did this for two reasons, first was I had some time constraints and I didn't know if I could get the dress that took more time finished.  The second was I wanted a more dressy dress and a more casual dress.

My easiest dress is True Bias Nikko Dress, I love my Black on so much, I thought a red one would be perfect for my wardrobe.  I don't like the sleeves, just too tight and not in my comfort zone so I make all of mine in sleeveless.

My fabric came from  and it is an ottoman rib but I didn't read the description very well, the ribs run horizontal.  I had to place my patterns in a different direction and I had just enough from selvage to selvage to get the length of the dress.

I love this dress and know it will be a good staple in the wardrobe.

check out the #littlereddressproject on Instagram to see all the dresses this week.  The last day to reveal is Dec 24th.


  1. You look marvelous

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