Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Freedom Dress - My Second Dress for The Little Red Dress Project

I made another dress for The Little Red Dress Project, this one very relaxed and casual and I love it.

This is a look I have wanted to make for a year and finally go to it.  This is Freedom Dress by Wardrobe by Me and my fabric is a cotton shirting from Style Maker Fabrics in burgundy and it is such a nice fabric and hand for my dress.

My changes include
- added one inch to the length of the front and back bodice using the lengthen and shorten line
- you need to add one inch to the button placket also but there is not lengthen/shorten line on this pattern piece so you have to remember to do it
- my fabric is 44 inches wide, so I used this width to flare out the sleeves an inch on each side. Then I added a casing to elastic for the sleeve
- the bottom tier did not fit on the width of the fabric, so I cut three and used what I needed for width.

If I had extra fabric, I would have lengthened the tiers but I had just enough fabric to get this dress cut out.

I found this dress to come together nicely but I took my time at each step.  The gathering is easy and I made sure to mark the center back and front on each tier.  

I used buttons from my stash and I did follow the instructions to make the buttonholes before you finish the bodice

Mike, my husband, has been taking more of my photos.  When I came out in this one, he said no, this doesn't look right, it is too big in the waist.  I said that is the way it is suppose to be, but I don't think he liked it much!

It just makes me so happy and as I am rounding out 2021, I am so happy with my goal to try new looks for me.  This year has given me the confidence to try new things and new wardrobe combinations.  I am anxious to see what 2022 brings.


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