Sunday, December 05, 2021

Allegro Joggers and Simplicity 8982

This post is one thing led to another and the joggers were a work in progress for a bit of time.

Now to the story.  I love my first pair of Allegro Joggers so much, I wanted another pair.

The pattern is Love Notions' Allegro Bottoms and I had this gorgeous burgundy tencel twill in my stash.  I purchased it around February this year and didn't get anything made from it which I am so happy, as this yardage was suppose to be the Allegros.  Well, one problem, I didn't have enough fabric but Style Maker Fabrics to the rescue!  This is one of their staple fabrics, meaning it is in stock all the time.  Here is the fabric and it comes in 11 colors.  I made this the same as my other Allegro joggers with one exception, I added another inch to the pants below the knee.  My other pair just was a bit too short when I sat down and it pulled a bit funny.  This pair is so much bettter.

While I was on pause for the pants, I ordered from Surge Fabric Shop after seeing a beautiful sweater knit on their IG feed.  It was Morraine Double Cashmere Sweater knit  in the heather gray.  I was drawn to this fabric for the matching Banf 1x1 ribbing and ordered these two fabrics.  Not quite soon enough, so many colors were sold out so quickly.  The gray was a perfect choice to go with my burgundy joggers.

I was thinking about what type of top I wanted when I thought of a shorter turtleneck sweater with a thicker bottom band

My first pattern I pulled was Simplicity 9385  it had a great sleeve, wide bottom band, a great sleeve and cuff.  All was looking good until I looked at the sizing and I had gotten the wrong size range.  I then went back to my patterns and pulled out Simplicity 8982 which I have made twice before.

I took what I liked from S9385 and made the pattern pieces for S89823, the wider band, wider turtleneck but not too wide!  I did measure a top I liked for the length of the body and the rest was a quick sew.  I love the look of this outfit and both pieces will work with so many things.


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