Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Honey by Fibre Mood

This Honey by Fibre Mood has been on my to-do list for around a year, better late than never, right?

The collar pulled me right in, big collars are on trend and this one seemed a good size.  Not too big, not too small, just right!  

The pattern calls for a snap on the collar band, which I omitted, I just didn't want to fasten my blouse that tightly at my neck.

Take a look at Honey by Fibre Mood and you can see one change I made.  The ties on the sleeve, they just seemed too much for what I needed and wanted.  Plus I didn't have enough fabric for the ties, that really was a big deciding factor.

My fabric is a plaid flannel that has a bit of a heavier weight to it and it was purchased last year from Style Maker Fabrics  This fabric was on the shelf next to a solid from Alyssa May Designs and it was such a good match.  It made my decision even easier to make the Honey top, the ruffle could be a contrast from the lighter weight fabric.  I would have never gotten the heavier flannel to ruffle so nicely. In addition to the ruffle,  I used the solid fabric for the under collar, yoke lining and inside of the collar band.

I added a bit of length to the body of this top, with the shape of the top and the extra length I was so happy to match the top in the front at the sides and the sleeves.  I did not have enough to match the center front exactly or cut the back yoke on the bias.  I was able to get a nice center back on the back, yoke and collar

I added a cute label to the bottom of the shirt but not second guessing if I should place it vertically

I am quite pleased with my Honey although during the process I just wasn't quite sure but wearing it tonight to a meeting, I really like it.  Sometimes a make just has so grow on you.

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  1. how do you cut the front so it will hang straight and not flare up in the front?