Monday, December 21, 2020

Little Red Dress Project - Kielo Wrap Dress

I was so happy when Renata reached out about participating The Little Red Dress Project  in the role as an ambassador, sharing the information and making my own version of a red dress.

Renata, The Twilight Stitcher, has a wonderful You Tube Channel and a great blog and you can find her on IG @thetwilightstitcher

The Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Patterns has been on my radar for so long and after seeing Karen's (intostitches on IG) I knew I had to get this pattern.  I went to my favorite fabric store, Style Maker Fabrics and picked up the pattern and the fabric.  My fabric was this beautiful knit, Layered Floral Jersey

I changed the length by quite a bit, searching the hashtag on Instagram is so helpful.  And after looking at all the beautiful versions, I came to the conclusion the long length wasn't the look I wanted. It was a good thing I wanted a shorter length, after laying out my fabric, I felt it looked one direction.  With the shorter length, I could get the dress out with the knee length, making sure all pattern pieces were in the same direction.

My size is between 42 and 44.  I should have done between 40-42, I took the dress up under the arms and to the waist.  I didn't worry about the hips, it was a bit big but with the tie part it was fine.  This dress is so quick to sew, perfect for the Christmas season.  In fact, I was so surprised at how quick.  The cutting took about as long as sewing.  I love this dress so much and if you are on undecided about this dress, go quickly and get the pattern.  I am trying to think of a way to make this a top length.    Wouldn't that be so cute?

I participated in The Little Red Dress Project December 2018 and I love that dress so much.  I wore it several times and in particular to an important church event a year ago and so many people complemented me.  I can't wait to wear this new dress to a church event.

I did pull out my Butterick 6244 (not sure what is up with my hair color back then!) and put it on with my red dress, it is perfect for this dress and adds just enough warmth.


  1. Wow Lori, it looks great on you!! Love this knit and the style fits so many figures. Hope you have a church event soon to show it off!


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