Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Cielo Top - Red Chambray with Embroidery Details

Cielo the second edition and this time a solid look with  a touch of embroidery.  Also, you can look at how it drapes with different fabric

Cielo is the theme this week and I posted my Burgundy Linen Cielo earlier.  It is amazing how fabric changes the look, this time I went with a red chambray from Sewing Studio.  Chambray is one of the recommended fabrics but it is a bit stiffer and you can see that stiffness in the sleeves

For this Cielo I wanted to add some embellishment to the cuff, so I went straight to my Premier +2 Ultra Embroidery software. For this one I used a redwork superdesign and the Encore function to design this look.

I took this design and sent it to my Pfaff Creative Icon for a bit more and took mini design 13 and scattered in the design

I used a tan and ecru for my embroidery design wanting a fall like look.  I stitched this design out twice and then cut out the sleeve cuff.  My tip is to cut single layers, that way you can be careful with the two  pieces and make sure they look very similar in the embroidery design.

My finished cuff

The fabric is more true red, but the sunlight made my top look pink-red,  I added a bit more sharpen so you could see the details, I added the ecru thread as topstitching. 

Just a few more photos of the finished top.  I love this one so much, the the cuffs turned out just like I wanted.  My thought was to use this embroidery and it looked like coordinating fabric.

The pattern is a winner and one more option to come this week but the sleeves won't be so dramatic!

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