Thursday, August 20, 2020

Union St. Tee - Three times

When you find a good t-shirt pattern, you stay with it.  I have found that with Hey June's Union St. Tee

I have made the Union St Tee several times before and always in the scoop neck but it was time to try the crew neck.  In May, JCrew Factory had a big sale and I bought several crew neck t-shirts for a great price.  I always thought I wasn't a fan of crew neck t-shirts until these arrived.  Well, I discovered I love crew neck shirts!

My other change besides the neck option was I went down a size in the waist and hips, this slimmer option is so much better.  

Let's go left to right on the details.  This stripe came from Sewing Studio probably two years ago, I went with a navy ribbing to change it up a bit.  I like the contrast for the neckline and the navy/green stripe is just fun.


Middle is a Shibori Knit from Confident Stitch, I don't see this fabric listed on the site, it must be sold out and I purchased it in June.

Right is an Organic Cotton Jersey from Style Maker Fabrics (chambray) and I have used this in pink for the Union St Tee in early spring 

 Some of my t-shirts were looking pretty tired, so happy to have some new ones and the Union St Tee will be my go-to pattern from now on.

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