Friday, July 10, 2020

Vogue 1643 - Cardigan Side

In September I was the Takeover Host of Sew Your View and had the best time.  I had high hopes of making two of Vogue 1643 and had all the fabric purchased for two.  Well, the best laid plans....and I did just get one done.  Fast forward to June and I finished the second one.

As I mentioned, I am trying to work my way through my fabric collection, yes, I am still buying fabric but just not as much as I usually do.  So, trying to do good! 

I had purchased fabric and lining from Fashion Fabrics Club.  This Vogue 1643 is such a classic piece but I wanted to change it up a bit.  Shorter length was my first change, not the hip length option but even shorter.  I used the lengthen/shorten line for the length of my jacket.  I also went down to a size 12, my gray one is a bit big.  One problem with this size change and it was all my fault, the fabric was loosely woven and I fused knit interfacing to every piece.  Well, I truly believe this made each pattern piece shrink.  I constructed the jacket and tried it on and a bit too tight, I could barely overlap to button.   I put this out on Instagram stories and I asked how it would look as a cardigan and everyone said yes.  So thank you, I do love the cardigan look.  Yes, the sleeves are 3/4 length, better for a summer look, I think. I cut mine one inch below the button facing.  

My ribbon this time Petersham Ribbon sent to me from Julie Starr, it was so much easier to work with and so easy to curve around the back neckline.

I did adjust the size of the bottom pockets, I didn't want to leave them off but with shorter jacket, the pockets just needed to be smaller.  I just took the pattern piece and kept folding it in until I got the size I wanted.

I am quite pleased with my jacket turned cardigan and I do think it will be very versatile in my wardrobe.

Now to these jeans - super high waisted from JCrew Factory.   I am going to donate them, the super-high waisted are not for me.  I am long waisted and then my crotch length is shorter, this style just isn't flattering.  Lesson learned, a good price isn't a reason to put something in your cart!  


  1. the back of the jacket looks shorter than the front.

  2. Good photos

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  4. I totally get the struggle of finding chic clothing patterns, and Vogue 1643's pattern for this cardigan side is so professional-looking. Also love the adjustments that you did on the sleeves and on the pockets.

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