Tuesday, March 31, 2020

McCall's 8055 and NIkko Top - Stripe Ponte

Quick knit pieces- yes, please.  I need these when I don't feel like sewing and want a jump start or after I finished a more difficult time-consuming pieces.  

The skirt is McCall's 8055 also known as #TillieMcCalls and is quick knit project

The top is my standard mock turtleneck, yep, you guessed it the Nikko Top.  I did make a couple of adjustments for the mock neckline. The ponte didn't have enough stretch for the mock.  I made it as is and I couldn't get it over my head.  I am so happy I tried to pull the mock over my head before I sewing it to the body of my Nikko.  To work through this, I deepened the neckline of the front shirt.  Also, I recut the mock pattern piece, I moved the pattern piece away from the fold 3/4".  That worked and it did work over my head!  I do wish I took a couple of inches off the arm facing, that just stretches too much.

The skirt I made a size 14 and that is too big.  I did take it in and will next time I will make a size 12.

I will wear these together or separate (which no pics!)  or layered with cute jackets, like my Ziggi jacket

These two garments took one night so it was a quick and rewarding sew.


  1. Very cute and I love the stripes. You will get a lot of wear as these stripes can be worn with anything. Looks great with the jacket too.

  2. Great job matching those strioes. You look sexy in that dress. You need a couple more that style. Looks awesome with the jacket, too. Cools it down.