Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Vogue 1635

What is a sleeper pattern?  Well to me it is a pattern that at first gets overlooked and then another sewists points it out and you think oh I have to have that!

That is Vogue 1653 to me, I didn't notice it until Lindsay of Inside the Hem and her Vogue new Release pattern You Tube video.  The description is Loose-fitting top, in two lengths, has stand-up collar and separating exposed zipper from collar to lower edge of sleeve.

For this one you need a long zipper, a 31" separating one per pattern.  I found a 34" non-separating from Hobby Lobby and thought I can make this work.  I knew I wanted to add one inch to the sleeve length.  After that, I had extra zipper length, so why not add an inch to the neckline. 

The pattern is great, it includes instructions for interfacing on each side of the sleeve for the zipper.  Yes!  We need to do that and this is the first pattern I have seen that includes that step.

The fabric is french terry from my stash is a nice contrast with the black zipper.  Now things were going great with the construction but my zipper was about one inch too long.  I trimmed it off, turned the ends under and thought this will work and I will put something more permanent at the the top later.  Good thought until I was so excited to have a nicely inserted zipper with collar seam lines and shoulder seams match.  I grabbed the pull and pulled!!!!  Yep, pulled that zipper pull right off.  My heart sank and I thought what the heck do I do now.

I tried to put it back on and didn't have any luck.   Time to Google - and I found this video.  It said to put the pull back on from the bottom.  So I had to do some cutting at the bottom of the zipper and yes!  That pull went right back on.  Now time to fix all my mistakes.  I had a cut up mess at the bottom of the zipper, so some faux leather to cover that up.

While we are looking at this photo, I just used a small zig zag for all the hems.

Now fix the top, a small piece of faux leather again, wrapped around each side of the top of zipper

A big sigh of relief!  Everything went back together and worked out.  This  is a boxy top so I took some in on the side seams.

I did use a non-separating zipper, it worked just fine.

Even with the zipper, this top goes together very quickly.  I probably won't make it again, it is a unique design, so one is enough.


  1. The deep indent from the zigzag hem and the faux leather trim give it a graphic "pop" that makes it more interesting
    I like it

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