Thursday, January 02, 2020

Plaid Outfit inspired by RTW

This was my big year end project and I am thrilled the results.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the stores were posting so many sales and outfits.  One from JCrew drew me in 

I posted this photo in my highlights and Courtney of (instagram) and 
S is for Sew (blog)gave me some encouragement to sew this.  I went to work looking for fabric and asked for help on IG stories, Michele  @winmichele (instgram) and WinMichele (blog).  Michele suggested Minerva and I found about three options, I went with this Woven Plaid suiting twill and I ordered 5 yards.  

So here is my recreation of the post - what do you think? I didn't get it quite right but close enough.

I took these photos inside with plastic tablecloths as the background, I wanted it to look like the inspiration photo!

Let's start with the pants, I went with McCall's 8006,  a Learn to Sewn for Fun Pattern (Level 2).

These pants are great and went together so nicely.  I added one inch to the rise, made a size 12 and was extremely careful in matching plaid.I went with white line in the middle of the plaid for all center fronts

This helped to keep the plaid continuous from the pants to the top

Here is the back

I loved using the IDT feature on my Pfaff Creative Icon for matching the plaids, it just feeds everything so evenly.  For my piece of mind, I did do about 15 inches  at a time and then checked the alignment.  This on the side seams and inseam seams.

This pattern as inseam pockets but I did not use those, so no pockets.  I just didn't want to pull at the side seams and risk in plaid out of alignment.  The waistband was cut out last and I matched the waistband to the pants so the plaids all lined up and I also cut the belt loops on the bias.

Now for the top, the one I am showing you is my second one, good thing I ordered 5 yards.  My first one is just too tight.  Also, when worn with the pants, it reminded me of pajamas!  The top I like is Simplicity 8694, view C with the sleeve ruffle changed just a bit.  I just cut a straight of grain fabric for the sleeve and gathered it.  The pattern piece for View C was good but my fabric was too stiff and kept the flounce out so straight.  

I love the fit of this top, the sleeve and body is all in one piece, so that made the matching a bit easier.  I did have to piece the back, look up a couple of pictures and you can see the back, it doesn't look too bad.

Here is the first top, Simplicity 8454, which I have made before and love.  With this version, I made a new front, using the yoke and lower front.  I think I did something wrong, it was so tight in the front shoulders.  I have cut this top apart and will use the plaid fabric for other projects.  Each time I took the top off, a bit more of the center back seam would rip out!  LOL

I might wear these out together some but I know I will wear them as separates so much more.

With a black cardigan and cami

Here is another look at that

Here are the pants at the JCrew site  and I really liked it with the camel sweater, which I just bought after Christmas at Loft

Here you can see the pants better

The top with black pants

With white jeans

Here you can see the back better

These plaid garments were fun but really challenged me to pay attention to so many areas for plaid matching and I am so proud of how my garments turned out.  I saved all my progress in my Instagram highlights if you want to see some of the construction, just look for Plaid outfit., 


  1. That is well done! A++++
    I love them together and as separates. All you need for your recreation photo is some snazzy red glasses:)

  2. You did an amazing job and both pieces look fantastic, I love seeing what you sew, thanks for sharing.Abby

  3. I really like the outfit, but most especially appreciate the styling outfits. Seeing how you can mix and match the pieces with others in your wardrobe gives me some good ideas to change things up within mine. I tend to get into a rut of 'this top with those pants' etc. Thanks again for your thoughtful posts!

  4. Love the pants with black toppers. Looks like the perfect balance of solid and plaid.

  5. I love, love, love this make! Well done in every way! Planning, fabric and execution!

  6. This is amazing! Nice plaid matching. Every time I see someone make a two piece I really want to join in! So many options. They turned out fantastic and you will be able get a lot of wear out of them.