Monday, June 24, 2019

Hey June Key Largo Top

It is Hey June June Month and I wanted to participate.  What is Hey June June?  Well, read on and see what it is all about

Hey June June is part of Let's Sew Together, here is the post with details, a celebration of Hey June patterns coinciding with the month of June.    I ordered this stripe fabric from D & H Fabrics and knew it would be great for the bias front of The Key Largo Top.  I cut one of the bias fronts and then turned it wrong side down to cut the other side.  I could see the stripes through the top layer so it was easy to line it up.

The back is cut on the straight of grain.

The Hey June instructions state that you may have to ease the front to the back at the side seams, yep the bias stretching.  I did have to carefully pin and use my feed dogs to ease in the bias, placing bias on the bottom next to the feed dogs.  I did disengage my IDT system on the Pfaff Creative Icon so the easing would take place.

IDT iIntegrated Dual Feed from PFAFF®. The ultimate in piecing perfection.

My front did stretch out at the center front seam, so the tie hangs a bit low.  This is a pattern which you couldn't trim up, the ties are part of the front section.  I am thinking next time just cut with extra fabric all around, let the shirt hang and then recut the bottom and the ties to get a nice straight front.

I have made this before, in a knit, not a recommended fabric and makes the tie a bit thick.  In the knit, I do not have those folds above the chest but in this woven I do.  Going to work on that for my next one.

Let's talk about the embroidery on the shirt, it is Anita Goodesign's Bohemian Bouquet

Here is a close up of the design with some color edits so you can see the stitching

The main design is in the middle and then I did some modifying to one of the designs to add a bit more.  Let's talk about how I did all this, I used the main design, which is pictured on the front of the embroidery design pack.

I wanted to make sure I lined that design up right on the seam and about 1.5" from the top seam.  On the Pfaff Creative Icon there is an amazing feature called Precise Positioning....

Precise Positioning on the PFAFF® creative icon™ was used to expertly align embroidery designs. Place every design exactly where you want it. Easily hoop multiple times to create embroideries of unlimited size

Load the design onto the Creative Icon and go into Embroidery Stitch out

Then you move the design you want to get it to line up with your placement position.  On this design I am using the middle of the design to get precise positioning.

Here is my dot for the middle.  One thing to make sure it you don't move the design up too much and end up off the fabric.  I didn't check that initially and I did get a bit nervous but all worked out.  Whew!!

On my Instagram story I asked about if I should add more embroidery.  The consensus was yes, so I went back to my Premier +2 Ultra Embroidery Software, to modify part of the original design.

Here is the design I wanted to only use a small portion of.

I went to Modify, to select the portion I wanted

Here it is the design I wanted

Precise Positioning again to get this design on each side of the main design even and perfect.  Let's take a look at the original design again.

There it is, the exact spot I wanted.

I did have to mirror and rotate the design for the other side.  It is all so easy on the Pfaff Creative Icon.


  1. Beautiful summer top, Lori. I sew on a Pfaff and wonder why you disengaged the IDT when easing the bias front to straight grain back side seams. I would think the IDT system would help the easing process. Karen

    1. You might be right with the IDT but I felt like the feed dogs would work more to ease in the bias. I really had quite a bit to ease in, I wanted the bottom to pull more than the top.


    2. Understand your thinking. Thanks for responding.