Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Simplicity 8304 Embroidered and Embellished with Pfaff Creative Icon

Time for some little girl sewing and seersucker is just so perfect for summer.  Plus it is a great fabric to add some embellishment.

The pattern for this seersucker, from Joann's, is Simplicity 8304  for the dress view.  Now you might notice, it isn't dress length.  I did not have enough fabric for a dress, so it is a top.

I wanted to add some embellishment and as I stated it is Pfaff week and I used my Pfaff Creative Icon to add an embroidery and lace edging.  In my previous post, I mentioned having resources to help learn even more about my machine.  A second resource, is Nadine of Embroidery M.O.M. and her incredible lessons with Icon-spiration (Facebook group)

For this embroidery I took one of the lessons and made it my own for the dress.  First off, I used the shape creator to create this design

I went with the flower type shape

Added a stitch (this isn't the stitch I used but for example only).  Then you keep adding stitches until your shape is filled like you want.  Bottom right corner is place to add the stitches.

Now a circle design with another set of decorative stitch  and a mini-embroidery design for the very center

Finally, I wanted to use the lace edge for the bottom of the ruffle. Make sure you use a water soluble stabilizer and match the bobbin thread to the top thread.

Here is the lace stitch choices on the Pfaff Creative Icon

I am so happy how this turned out and thanks Nadine for such excellent lessons so I can learn and use all the possibilities of my Pfaff Creative Icon.


  1. so cute.....looks like you are having fun!

    1. I am having so much fun! Thanks!

  2. I have a question about interfacing for fabrics like seersucker that are not smooth. I realise you didn't need interfacing in this little girl's top, but in a shirt for yourself, what would you use to interface the band and collar? Wouldn't a fusible interfere with the puckered texture? I have a cotton/rayon fabric that puckered when washed and I am wondering what interfacing to use with it. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Sorry, Julie, I forgot to answer and then went out of town. I did use a fusible interfacing on this dress. There was a small flaw in the fabric and I fused behind it to help stabilize that flaw. I did put some interfacing on the back of the embroidery so it would not scratch her. I would probably use a sew in interfacing and then not have to worry about changing the fabric's texture.

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  4. Wonderful Article Lori... Love this beautiful little girl dress... The best thing one can do with digitizing embroidery. Thanks a lot.