Monday, April 29, 2019

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When you need a new pillow and you can't find the right one, then you make one!

My Pfaff Creative Icon and the Premier +2 Embroidery Ultra made it so easy.  As I have learned more about my Pfaff Creative Icon, I have found two very valuable resources to help.  One is 
Vantage Embroidery Software Support and this is all about the software.

Here is what you get with the subscription

  • Free, fast, friendly support from knowledgeable team members.
  • Monthly projects created just for our members. Each project designed to teach you new skills.
  • Access to the VANTAGE™ Video Library with new videos added each month.
  • Advanced Support which includes allowing our support team to remotely connect to your computer to troubleshoot over the internet.
  • Exclusive monthly newsletters detailing the lessons and videos.
  • Exclusive online education events.
With each monthly newsletter, I work the lesson and it really helps learn more about the software.  Also, it helps my creativity.  One of the lessons was on all the fonts and different ideas.  I really liked the idea with the Stencil Font and the Quilt Block Wizard.

I couldn't find the right yellow fabric and was looking around my Pfaff dealer and found the perfect tea towel.   She has a great selection of colors and they use them for all sorts of embroidery projects.  One of the things, the towels were the perfect size for this pillow.

I stitched this out the first time in a tone-on-tone but you couldn't see my design.  So I stitched it again in a blue color, much better.

I used a bit of trim I had for the ends and now a great pillow that compliments my quilts.

Now thanks to Vantage Embroidery Software Support, I used the lesson to make this pillow.

First off , use the stencil font, which I had to make a larger gap between letters so the crosshatch would go between the letters.

After the letters, head to the Quilt Block Wizard, paste it and then pick a pattern.  I went with a cross hatch but their are lots of choices.

Select only the lettering and then delete

Look what you get now

I used quilt batting in the hoop with the towel to make more "texture" with the design.

My pillow turned out cute and I might have some Christmas gift ideas with this same technique - Noel, Joy, Merry!

I have the pleasure of being a Pfaff Brand Ambassador

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